Fix McAfee Error 1406 when Installing Software?

Fix McAfee Error 1406 when Installing Software

Many times while installing any anti-virus software, various errors occur, which doesn’t allow the installation to get completed further. While installing McAfee too, various errors, like the one most common “Fix McAfee Error 1406 When Installing Software” occurs. This may happen for various reasons like when you have a poor internet connection and the installation stops midway.

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Another probable reason could be that another anti-virus software is installed on your device, which you need to remove to install McAfee anti-virus software again from the start.

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What is McAfee Error 1406?

McAfee is one such anti-virus software that gives awesome results and never disappoints. But sometimes it may so happen that while installing, the whole system may crash, which is caused by the Error McAfee Error 1406. Thus, let’s have a look at how to fix it. But before that, a brief look into the symptoms.

Symptoms of McAfee Error 1406: –

Once the system is affected, it may cause Windows to crash. OS may also crash after this. This will continuously occur. Will slow down the system. A computer may hang for a few minutes. And all this happens only because of an error known as McAfee Error 1406.

Step by step, the issues to fix McAfee Error 1406 are: –


Manually editing the entries won’t be helpful at all, until and unless you are a PC professional. Thus, to avoid this risk, it would be beneficial to use a trusted registry cleaner.


It could well be possible that there may be malware residing in your PC, which leads to this breakdown. Thus, to protect your PC further, download a malware protection program.


There may be system junks, which didn’t allow the download to complete. Disk cleanup may be a good tool but it would be recommended to download a specialized hard drive/privacy protection software.


This error can also occur because of outdated device drivers. Updating drivers is a complex process, hence, it’s advisable to use a driver update tool.


Utilizing the feature of system restore to “undo” changes may also help.


Many a time, uninstalling and then again reinstalling the software solves all the problems.


Running a Windows System File Checker may also come in handy because they allow us to scan the corruption of any files.


If any Windows updates are pending, install all of them.


The last step is probably long, as here you can perform a clean installation of windows, but before that make sure you have backed up all the data.

Therefore, if still, the problem persists, then it’s better to replace the associated hardware.

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