[Fixed] How do I find my McAfee serial number?

McAfee serial number

If you have recently purchased one such product from McAfee, then before installation, you can find out all you need to know about the McAfee serial number from here. Protecting our computer systems from information theft, third-party attacks, hacking etc. is a very essential part of being an internet user. And McAfee is a good antimalware program in the market that can help you with this.

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 McAfee support phone number USA 1-888-832-1727

McAfee serial number

About McAfee

McAfee is an American multinational company that deals in the manufacture of cybersecurity tools and programs. It was founded several decades ago in the year 1987 by the original owner and founder, John McAfee.


The company was taken over a few years ago by Intel in the year 2011. They now come under the security division of Intel. Its current CEO and head of operations are Peter A Leave. Their headquarters is situated in San Jose California, United States.

Importance of McAfee serial number

The McAfee serial number like all other activation codes and serials provides protection to the licenses of the product you use in turn declaring them authentic. It is always advised to keep this serial number a secret from everyone.

McAfee serial number

This number is not something that is specific to just one single product, so if it comes in the hands of someone else they can use it however they want – maybe to authenticate another product illegally.

  • It can be used to steal your product’s license rights.
  • Make sure to always copy-paste the number whenever you are required to type it in somewhere.
  • It is also pertinent for you to keep the first-ever email that you receive regarding the original serial number safe – for future references.

Uses of McAfee serial number

The McAfee serial number of your product has many different uses for which you always need to keep the digits safe with you. Here are some ways in which it is required:

  • For starters, the number serves as an activation key that you need to enter at the time of installing your anti-virus product for the first time ever.
  • In the event that you have to download the program once again or reinstall it on some other device, while the license has still not expired then you shall be in need of the serial number.

Uses of McAfee serial number


The serial number is one of the most important aspects of any program installation for your PC; here is some cautionary advice for safekeeping:

  • One SN can be used for up to five activations; if it detects you trying to install the same product on several devices then the number may be suspended or revoked forever.
  • You can think of the number as prepaid cash, that will forever be lost if you lose it once. Therefore the McAfee serial number should be kept safe at all times.
  • Once you have installed the license, it will not need to be reactivated as long as the machine works without any changes.
  • When typing in the number be sure to copy and paste it exactly as it is without even changing any cases for the letters.

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