How long does it take to remove McAfee?

How long does it take to remove McAfee?

McAfee is one of the antivirus software which protects all the files and folders that are available in a device a gadget from virus and malware attacks. This software is quite easy to use as well as it is budget friendly that is it is not very expensive. It can be used anywhere that is in homes as well as in offices or workplaces.

How long does it take to remove McAfee



It is really helpful when the internet is used repeatedly because the chances of getting our system as well as information infected by these virus gets increased as the malicious software are the viruses gets downloaded from the internet. So it is always said that you must use a good antivirus software for your device is specially when you are working on internet to see that maximum security is provided to your computer.

Reasons due to which you need to remove McAfee antivirus

As we all know McAfee is very important software but sometimes due to some scenario you need to remove McAfee from your device to ensure proper working of your gadget. Some reasons are:

  1. It prevents downloading of some document of file on your device is it sense some threat.
  2. This antivirus software getting corrupted.
  3. Your other applications are not able to work as this software is stopping them to work properly.

So in this case you need to remove McAfee from your device and can Re-install it so that it can work properly.

Uninstalling McAfee

Removing McAfee or uninstalling it could be a complicated process as it involves tons of memories and uninstalling it gets really hard if your device is already occupied by some virus or malware.

And when we try to remove it again and again the only question that pops up into a mind is how long is it going to take to remove McAfee from the device.

So in order to solve this problem here are some given steps through which you can easily remove McAfee from your device in minutes.

Technique 1 : Removing McAfee from the control panel.

remove McAfee antivirus from control panel

  1. Go to the control panel by opening it from the start button.
  2. Now go to the programs.
  3. Tap on programs and features.
  4. Now the list of programs will appear on your screen then from there tap on McAfee.
  5. Then a new window asking for uninstalling McAfee will appear on your screen click or tap on uninstall.

As soon as installing process is completed reboot your computer.

Technique 2 : Removing McAfee from settings.

Removing McAfee from settings.

  1. Tap on settings by opening it from start button.
  2. As the settings open tap on apps.
  3. Now from the list of applications tap on McAfee.
  4. And then tap on uninstall.

Note : If your McAfee is an inbuilt program then windows will not allow to install your McAfee. And in that situations go for other methods.

Technique 3 : Removing McAfee with the help of McAfee consumer product remove tool.

The third method you can use to remove this software is by downloading McAfee consumer product removal tool that is MCPR tool with which you can easily remove McAfee from your gadget.

So for this download this tool of your compatible McAfee version and then run it in your computer or the device and reboot your computer to make sure that it starts functioning properly.

As well as also see that you use this tool in the end when the above-mentioned methods don’t work.

So for this here are the given steps :

  1. Download the MCPR tool from the internet.
  2. Save the exe file on your computer.
  3. Double tap on this file so that it can start running on your device.
  4. Make sure that you follow all the instructions and then tap on finish.
  5. Then an agreement will appear on your screen just accept it.
  6. When this process will get complete a message will pop up on your screen claiming that removal is completed.

By following all the above mentioned techniques you will be able to remove McAfee from my device and if you still face any problem contact the help desk of McAfee.

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