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Access Protection Is Not Responding McAfee

Today, all our devices are at constant risk of catching a virus! It is very important that we take care of our devices and data to prevent any damages to the system. Whenever we try and download a file or try and access something on the online world, there is always a risk of downloading a threat or malware that will destroy the data and damage the device without it even coming to our notice. Just like a treasure needs armed protection, our computers need their knights in shining armors as well! Yes, you guessed it right, we’re talking about antiviruses! Antiviruses are the armors designed for our devices to protect them and keep them an arm away from threats and malware. In today’s day and age, an antivirus is crucial for every electronic device.

 Country  Toll-Free Number
 McAfee support phone number USA 1-888-832-1727
 Country  Toll-Free Number
 McAfee support phone number USA   1-888-832-1727

There are many antiviruses available for your computer’s protection with many different features. But for your device’s protection, choose McAfee! As the name, McAfee Total Protection suggests, it is an antivirus that provides absolutely all kinds of protection to your computer. It is one of the best antiviruses available today. It comes with a lot of technologically advanced features and is innovative in all aspects. McAfee is also fast and easy to operate. But nowadays people are asking issue which is How to fix Access Protection is not responding McAfee? Read more to know more about it.

Features of McAfee antivirus

Some of the features that are included in this antivirus are:

  1. Compatible with PC/Mac/Tablet/Mobile
  2. Protects Unlimited Devices
  3. Optimizes Device Performance
  4. Includes Personal Firewall
  5. Free Antivirus / WebAdvisor Tool
  6. Anti-Spam / Anti-Phishing Protection
  7. Password Manager – 1 User

One of the many cutting-edge characteristics of this antivirus is the Access Protection.

What is Access Protection?

Access Protection prevents any unwanted changes happening to your computer. This is carried out by restricting access to specified ports, files and folders, shares, and registry keys and values. It prevents users from stopping McAfee processes and services, which are critical before and during outbreaks.

What causes Access Protection is not responding McAfee smoothly?

The access protection and Self Protection policy XMLs are corrupt.

How to resolve Access Protection is not responding McAfee?

There are some ways to deal with the occurrence of such a problem.

  1. If you are not able to disable ENS Self Protection because of a corrupted file:
  2. Boot the system in Safe Mode. For instructions to boot in Safe Mode, see
  3. Delete C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Security\Endpoint Security Platform\AP.xml and C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Security\Endpoint Security Platform\SP.xml.
  4. Restart the system in Normal Mode.

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