How to fix McAfee Windows 10 issues?

McAfee Windows 10 issues

McAfee is one of the antivirus software which is quite easy to use as well as it is also affordable. It provides various security to its users it makes sure that no malicious software viruses harm the device and data of the user. It deeply scans the computer and identifies and detects if any virus in there and what could be the suitable option that could be obtained are also shown by this software so that proper security can be provided to your system. It can be easily downloaded and can be used.

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How to fix McAfee Windows 10 issues?

What are McAfee Windows 10 issues?

But recently various users of windows 10 have reported that they are facing various problems and issues while working as well as downloading McAfee on their Windows 10 devices. That is:

  1. They are unable to download McAfee on the system
  2. McAfee is not working properly as while conducting the deep scan or scan process in your computer it is hanging on 97 or 98% and complete scanning process is not done due to which the viruses could be there on the computer that could certainly harm or corrupt the data or information.
  3. McAfee is not allowing other applications to run properly and is certainly creating problems.

How to resolve McAfee Windows 10 issues?

In this situation, there are three methods that you can go for in order to resolve your problem.

  1. Restarting your computer

  • For this close all the windows that are running on your computer and make sure that you save your data if you are working on any windows Microsoft Excel presentation etc.
  • Then go to the start option and close your computer.
  • And again restart your computer.

All the excess running software or programs will shut down as well as you will be able to download your McAfee on your computer.

On the other hand, if McAfee was facing any problem in working it will also restart and will function properly.

  1. Running McAfee consumer product removal tool.

Running McAfee consumer product removal tool

  • For this download McAfee consumer product removal tool from the internet.
  • Then save this file on your desktop and run the software by following all the instructions.
  • Once this process is completed successfully you will see a message stating removal completed.
  • Now reboot your computer that is switch off your device so that all the changes could be made properly and open it again.
  • As your computer opens run MCPR again.
  • Once it is done and even if you see cleanup and successful restart your computer again.

And try to download McAfee on your computer if you still face any problem contact the virtual technician.

  1. Running PRE- install tool

pre install tool mcafee

With the help of this tool downloading of McAfee process become simple.

  • So for this, download the pre-install tool from the internet and run the software and then retry downloading McAfee.
  • If your McAfee is only downloaded and you are facing a problem in working of then uninstall it and install it again if you face any problem follow the above-mentioned steps.

But if your problem is not yet resolved then contact the help center of McAfee where the professionals were there would assist you with easy solutions.

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