How to remove McAfee Web Advisor

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How to remove McAfee Web Advisor

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Having trouble with How to remove McAfee Web Advisor then read the given article and you will get to know  How to remove McAfee Web Advisor.

Software developed by McAfee itself, McAfee web advisor helps one steer away from the trouble online and extend the provision of protection and safety online that is for the searching and surfing of the web. McAfee WebAdvisor protects the computer and browser from viruses, suspicious activities, malware, hackers, etc. without slowing down the computer or interrupting tasks running in the background.

However, there are times when one is not entirely satisfied with the software or needs to remove it to install it again due to some error or corruption and that is when the question of How to remove McAfee web advisor comes in the mind.

To address the question of How to remove McAfee Web Advisor, one can follow a few simple steps and get the answer to the question of How to remove McAfee Web Advisor.

How to remove McAfee Web Advisor


Here are the approaches of How to remove McAfee Web Advisor for both Mac and Windows :

How to remove McAfee Web Advisor for Mac :

  • Firstly, to remove the McAfee WebAdvisor from the Mac, make sure that the application has been shut off and is not running.
  • -Then, go to the Web Advisor icon on the desktop and after right-clicking, select the option of Quit.
  • -One can also click the option of Qutting SiteAdvisor through the Apple icon option.
  • -Once, it has been done through the desktop, go to the activity monitor through the dock and then click on the option of Network, after it is done, type in the software application’s name in the search box that is the McAfee, and from there choose the running process, on the left-hand side there would be an option of X, click on it and choose the option of quit. Confirm the prompt that will appear.
  • -If in case, the method does not work then one can always go to the application and force quit the software as well as stop its running procedure in the background.
  • -One can also remove the McAfee WebAdvisor with the help of Trash. For that, on the left-hand side of the dock, open the option of applications folder, when opened find the particular application that is the McAfee WebAdvisor. Click on the icon and drag it towards the trash or simply choose the option of Move to the trash by right-clicking on it.
  • -One also needs to make sure that they go to the library to clear its background and the unnecessary files attached to the McAfee WebAdvisor. All the files and the data from the cache in the library can be easily accessed and deleted from there so that one can permanently remove the software from their system.
  • -There are also various third-party tools that can be used to remove the software easily and without any hassle.

How to remove McAfee Web Advisor for Windows : 

  • For removing the McAfee WebAdvisor from the windows, the process is easier to follow which is simply to go to the option of control panel through the desktop or by clicking on the task.
  • Once the window opens then go to the option of programs and features and moving ahead to remove programs. After clicking on it, find the said application from the available options and after right-clicking on it, click on the option of remove or uninstall the application.
  • After the notification pops up for the confirmation, click on it and the application should be removed.
  • Remember to delete the unnecessary files and data associated with the application and to remove it.

Thus, for both devices, the solution of ‘How to remove McAfee Web Advisor’ is easy to follow and the approaches can help one remove their application without any stress. One can also take professional assistance in case of any queries or further guidance.

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