[Fixed] How to stop McAfee pop ups

[Fixed] How to stop McAfee pop ups

How to stop McAfee pop ups

Having trouble regarding How to stop McAfee pop ups then read the given article and you will know how to solve.

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McAfee is a widely known and recognised cyber security software that provides security, safety and protection services for computers and its systems as well as create a shield for the system to protect it from harm, suspicious activities, hackers, etc. It has also received recognition and awards for its well provided services and work and is considered as a trustworthy and reliant platform by around 500 million users.
However, wherever technology is concerned errors and glitches occurs from time to time which can end up creating trouble or worries for the user.

One such issue that no one likes enduring is that of those annoying pop ups that keeps occurring from time to time.

That is when the question arises in our mind about ‘How to stop McAfee pop ups’. These pop ups have a way of arising either because of one went to the sites or searched about them or because they have the McAfee extension or software installed.
By following the approaches mentioned below here is how one can try to fix the issue of ‘How to stop McAfee pop ups.

How to stop McAfee pop ups

Remove the McAfee web extension-

When thinking about ‘How to stop McAfee pop ups’ the first approach that one can follow is that of removing the extension from the browser. To do that go on the chrome and go to the options of settings and from there go ahead to the option of tools. Once selected, move to the option of extensions. When the new window opens up, select the McAfee extension and on the side of where the option is highlighted, toggle the switch to disable or simply choose the option of ‘Remove extension’ after which the problem of ‘How to stop McAfee pop ups’ should automatically stop as well.

How to stop McAfee pop ups Through the App:

Go to the software application of McAfee and find the option of ‘Navigation’ link and from there find the option of Settings and Alerts then click on it. From there one would be able to view the option of ‘Alerts’ like protection or informational, if these categories are ticked on then un-tick them.

Uninstall McAfee:

Usually, the notifications are also recurring because of the free subscription period ending and thus the notification and pop ups begin to notify the person about the free subscription period ending and to get the paid subscription. In case one is not inclined towards getting the paid subscription or renew their subscription then they can go ahead and uninstall the subscription.

Deal with the firewall settings:

One can also deal with the firewall settings and through there block it so that the pop ups and notifications can be dealt with. One can go to the option of managing security and then move ahead to the web and email protection settings. After clicking on it, find the option of firewall. Once the window opens, open the category of Smart Advice and Advance settings, from there make sure that the Enable smart device is activated and along with it the decide automatically option where one can alter the preferences.

In case the pop ups and notification are still not stopping or getting blocked then try to uninstall then install it again. Make sure the settings of the system is set in a way that does not allow the passing of notification and pop ups. One can also try to contact the support system from their site to fix the issue of ‘How to stop McAfee pop ups’. However, for the basic approach, the steps mentioned above will help one out to resolve the issue in a stress-free way.

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