How to troubleshoot when McAfee won’t update?

McAfee won’t update

McAfee is one of the most use antivirus software as it provide various facilities to its customers and make sure that the data and information remains safe from viruses and malware software’s. But sometimes when we try to update a maxi security software the McAfee won’t update and you are not able to see any of the error messages and identify what is the problem.

 McAfee won’t update

Problems faced while updating McAfee

  1. Firstly error message is not popped up on the screen status that whether the update is failed or completed.
  2. When we try to update our McAfee software by just tapping on check for updates nothing happens, and we are not informed whether the update is available or not.
  3. Even when the update process begins the McAfee update is stuck at 0% or some random percentage and does not move after that.
  4. The McAfee software always states that an update is available even if you go and check for update multiple times but no process is starting up.
  5. And once the McAfee is completely updated we are continuously notified with the window showing message to restart your PC.

Possible errors faced when McAfee won’t update

Error 1 : McAfee is cannot update software please check your network connection.

Error 2 : While trying to update your McAfee and you tab on check update nothing happens.

Error 3: The update process is McAfee is hanged and is not moving further.

How to fix when McAfee won’t update?

Step 1: Restarting your computer

Restart your computer and check that weather for this issue for the continuous or not as restarting the continue will restart all the McAfee and other windows services that can help in resolving this issue but if the same behavior is continued and you are not able to update or even install McAfee then go to step 2.

Step 2: Running McAfee Diagnose & Repair Tool

Running McAfee Diagnose & Repair Tool


The McAfee Diagnose and Repair Tool McAfee Diagnose & Repair (McAfee-DR)

Is a tool that helps in diagnosing and repairing issues that are related to math of a product. This tool is really helpful as it easily scans and detects the problem and suggest the appropriate solutions that could be applied and this issue can be resolved.

Step 3: Reinstalling McAfee

Reinstalling McAfee

Sometimes there are chances that matter of installation is corrupted and cannot be repaired with this tool. So by installing the McAfee software again it can easily remove all the excess problem and creating software making updating and installing process easy.

By following all the above mentioned Steps you can easily update your McAfee. But if you still face any problem then you must definitely contact the helpdesk of McAfee where the expert over there will help you out with the easiest solutions and you can reach them via toll free number, or their customer care email address and option of life chat is also there.

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