How to turn off McAfee Auto-Renewal

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How to turn off McAfee Auto-Renewal?

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Based in the United States, McAfee is a security protection software for computers and systems that provides its services globally. It can be installed on any of the devices and is majorly known for its impeccable reputation for providing security services for the system.

In today’s world where the population is severely dependent on devices, gadgets, internet, owing to it all to the evolving technology, one can easily rely on them as well however one can never be too careful when it comes to keeping their personal data, documents and system secure and safe which is where McAfee and much other software like these come into the picture.

Let us look at some benefits of McAfee Antivirus;

  • It has won a variety of awards for its excellent service so one can rely and depend on it without worries.
  • It keeps the computer protected from viruses, hackers, and any suspicious activity that can be proved as a threat to your computer.
  • It runs regular scans and checks on the computer and the system to detect viruses or any other potential trouble.
  • It makes it a point not to slow down your computer or interfere with the tasks already going on in the background.
  • It keeps one secure from data thefts and protects one even while web browsing.
  • One can renew the subscription or cancel it in a hassle-free way without trouble.

However, there are times that after using the software when it is set to get auto-renewed, people are not really inclined towards it. Thus the question arises of how to turn off Mcafee auto-renewal. There could be various reasons why one could be looking forward to the question of how to turn off McAfee auto-renewal which could vary from wanting to end the subscription to many other worries.
Let us now explore this question of how to turn off McAfee auto-renewal and follow the approaches mentioned.

How to turn off McAfee Auto-Renewal

How to turn off McAfee auto-Renewal?

  1. Firstly, to initiate the process of turning off the renewal, one can go to the web browser and open the particular site to initiate this.
  2. When you go to the home page, go to the option of my account and proceed to sign in.
  3. Enter the credentials that is the email and the password associated with your McAfee to log in.
  4. Then one can move ahead to the option of Auto-renewal settings.
  5. One can then see the highlighted option of McAfee subscription and on its side will be the option of switching it on or off which can further be checked off that will turn off the auto-renewal of the McAfee subscription.
  6. Once, it is switched off, the cancellation or the turning off of McAfee auto-renewal will be done automatically.
  7. However, if one wants to cancel the free trial subscription altogether then the procedure is slightly different as one needs to deactivate the McAfee license from the root itself.
  8. One can simply go to the web browser and the site of McAfee from where they can select the option from the settings to deactivate the license.
  9. Thus, through the website or the software itself one can easily turn off the renewal option which will result in the software not getting renewed and process in the system anymore which will complete the process of turning off auto-renewal.

Thus, following the approaches mentioned above, one can find the solution of how to turn off McAfee auto-renewal and easily turn off their renewal of McAfee subscription.

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