[Resolved] How to resolve HP printer error 59.fo ?

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HP printer is difficult to maintain as sometimes we fail to maintain our printers and hence we face printer errors. while printing something you may face “59.fo unable to print”! this is nothing but the default in the printer. Hp printer error 59.fo is one of the errors faced by the user. This error is mainly caused due to the damage in one of the internal motor of printer.

HP printer error 59.fo

You may resolve the HP printer error 59.fo, by calling the experts : 

Countries  Toll-Free Number
HP Printer Error Support Number United States of America  800-864-4162
HP Printer Error Support Number United Kingdom  02 0786 26337
HP Printer Error Support Number Australia  0384004575
HP Printer Error Support Number Canada  800-864-4162
HP Printer Error Support Number New Zealand   800-449-076

HP printer error 59.fo error is mainly caused due to :

1.The transfer belt may be broken

2.The transfer roller disengagement is bad

3. The fuser drive gear may be damaged

What are the causes of HP printer error 59.fo ? 

Here are the often reasons you must take care of  because of which you printer may face errors

Printers need regular functioning, when we keep printer idle for a long time the  printer will not be able to clean itself and hence it creates a blockage in the printers which is not very easy to clean. Weather also affects printer, depending on weather conditions the ink in printers get dry up hence resulting in blockage. The microelectronics in printers get burned out it is not easy to repair it again.

Simple steps to resolve HP printer error 59.fo 

When you open your printer to clean do it carefully with proper instructions..!

The user whose printer face printer 59.fo error here is a solution for you:-

Restart your transfer: Here the main problem arises as failing transfer belt assembly. This is because your transfer belt may or may not be damaged. hence the first and basic step recommended for HP printer error 59.fo is restarting your transfer belt assembly for a couple of time.

Other Steps to resolve HP printer error 59.fo :

If this doesn’t work then go for complex solutions as mention below:-

The other condition could be damaged fuser drive assembly

Here are the steps in order to check if your fuel drive assembly is damaged.

  • The first step is opening the right side door carefully.
  • There you will find transfer belt assembly.
  • Remove the cyan cartridge by opening the toner access door.
  • Place a skrew driver at the lever inside the opening when the skrew driver is pressuring on the lever it stimulates that the toner access door is closed.
  • To see diagnostic press the menu button then press ok.
  • Keep pressing the down arrow till the time you find component test once you found it release down arrow.
  • Again press the down arrow until you highlight the ITB alienation or contact.
  • You will find a small white gear use flashlight to see it properly.
  • While you see that rear, notice the way it is spinning.
  • If the gear is not spinning at all or the gear is spinning alternately it is a clear sign that the fuser drive assembly is damaged.
  • You can also hear the clicking sound during the process it could also be signed for damaged fuser drive assembly.

You can resolve HP 4525 – 59.F0 Error by viewing the video : 

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Now you have found the reason behind your printer error like HP printer error 59.fo. You will have to install this damaged part and it can’t be done manually. Call the serviceman it can take 2 to 3 hours for the serviceman to install it.

Comment below if you have any queries regarding HP printer error 59.fo

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