[SOLVED] How to resolve HP printer error 79 ?

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There are two basic different ways through which this Hp printer error 79 is being shown. One is the error 79 which does turn off at once and then turn on and the other one is the error 79 service of Hp printer error 79 which does turn off and then further turn on.

Hp printer error 79

You can resolve your query Hp printer error 79 by calling our experts: 

Countries  Toll-Free Number
HP Printer Error Support Number United States of America  800-864-4162
HP Printer Error Support Number United Kingdom  02 0786 26337
HP Printer Error Support Number Australia  0384004575
HP Printer Error Support Number Canada  800-864-4162
HP Printer Error Support Number New Zealand   800-449-076

This is basically because of the reason of the DIMM which is unsupported and also which has been further installed in your system.

  • One thing which can be done is that at the very first step, the printer should be switched off or should be taken in the off mode.
  • For seconds up to thirty in number, the printer should not be switched on. The printer should actually be turned on after simply waiting for about a few seconds.
  • The initialization time has to be given to the printer for restarting itself. The power surge protector is being used by many people, in certain cases, make sure to remove the device and then go for plugging your respective printer in that respective socket and hence it can be turned on now.

Note : After following these steps, at times the issue is not yet solved, in this case, below is mentioned what steps are to be taken.

What could be the reasons for the error “Hp printer error 79” ? 

The ready status of the HP printer will come within a few seconds, let it arrive over there and then the version of the firmware should be strictly checked upon. There are reasons because of the version of the firmware which is outdated, the error does exist.  So, the version of the firmware is to be checked thoroughly and the steps to check the firmware’s version include printing a report of the configuration from the option which says the control panel of the respective printer. In order to obtain the latest version, one can also be got the page of the support page of Hp. When this task is being done, one should make sure that the respective printer of theirs should always be disconnected from any other available devices around at that particular time being.  When all the disconnections have been done successfully, after that a task which is the test print task is being performed or is supposed to be performed.

Simple Steps to resolve Hp printer error 79 

In order to obtain the latest versions of the firmware of the error which is of 79 services, one can very swiftly follow the steps given below:

  • The printer needs to be switched on immediately after it has been turned off.
  • In order to get the connection of the internet, the printer needs to be connected with any such cable or with the ethernet.
  • The network icon now needs to be clicked which is on the control panel.
  • Including the address of the IP, the network of home needs to be connected now.
  • Now, one has to move towards the icon of settings after returning back to the main home page.
  • The model of the printer now needs to be updated and the version which is the latest is to be obtained further.
  • The last step includes downloading the respective URL which is the latest and hence installing it with the version which is the latest will give the final results.

You can resolve the Hp printer error 79 by viewing the video:

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