[Resolved] How to resolve HP Printer in error state Windows 10 ?

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HP Printer in error state Windows 10, you can face this error anytime while using HP Printers. We can print regardless of the business size be it large or small. If we need to find or download the HP latest software or any utility diagnostic tool or firmware or any printer drivers then we can easily go to the HP website and there is HP support assistant also which will help in picking out the right software for our printer.

HP Printer in error state Windows 10

You can call our experts to resolve HP Printer in error state Windows 10 : 

Countries  Toll-Free Number
HP Printer Error Support Number United States of America  1-800-934-1090
HP Printer Error Support Number United Kingdom  02 0786 26337
HP Printer Error Support Number Australia  0384004575
HP Printer Error Support Number Canada  1-800-934-1090
HP Printer Error Support Number New Zealand   800-449-076

For our HP printer to work properly and correctly, the installation of the right software packages or the drivers is necessary or mandatory as it will help in the communication between the printer and computer smooth and easily help in receiving the commands that the user gives. But sometimes there are errors that we may come across after installing the software or the drivers which may happen because of the installation of wrong software or if we didn’t install any software in the computer or the drivers.

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In many of the cases, the user sees the HP printer in error state because sometimes what user does is that he or she may install some wrong software or driver doe the printer and then he or she might see the printer in error state in their HP printers. Also, they may see that HP printer error code on the screen when they are giving the printer command on their system. In these cases, what the user can do is that they can contact the HP support assistant on their website and can get the assured solution of the issue. Some of the general issues that come are given below.

  • Supplies memory error
  • Some problem with the toner chip cartridge.
  • Windows 10 HP printer error state.
  • Error code – 0x6100004a.
  • Device is not able to detect the printer.
  • Through the wireless network, printer can’t be connected.
  • Laptop of HP won’t even turn on.

There are some ways that we can solve the error that comes when we use the printer. If still the error persists then we can talk to the HP executive.

  1. Reconnecting the network connection and printer.
  • Firstly we need to switch off the computer and printer and then check whether the connections are done properly.
  • After that disconnect the printer from the main source of power and then again attach the cables.
  • After that we need to check the internet connection and see that settings are properly.
  • If through wireless network printer is not getting connecting, then contact the HP support team.
  1. Install the Right driver
    • We need to go to the official HP page and then select the support from the menu bar at the top.
    • After the drop down that comes we need to click to software and drivers options.
    • After that click the printer icon.
    • In the respective fields we can enter the printer models and then click on submit.
    • After selecting the model the respective driver will show up for the printer.
    • Then click the software to install and then download.
    • After that connect the printer and restart the system.
    • After that do a printing test.
  2. Printer restart
  • If any unknown error comes on the display of printer then we can turn off printer.
  • Switch off the computer.
  • After detaching the wires the reconnect again.
  • After that restart the system and then test printer is working or not.

You can resolve the error while viewing the video : 

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