How to cancel Kaspersky auto renewal?

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Anti-malware programs comes with the built-in feature where customers do not have to keep tabs regarding renewal dates for their subscription packages. The software is self-aware enough to automatically renew the payments. But if you want to stop these unwanted update, then read more to find out how to cancel Kaspersky auto renewal.

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How to cancel Kaspersky auto renewal?

About Kaspersky

In the year 1997, a cyber security company called Kaspersky was formed in Russia. This company has now a multinational presence in the world and their headquarters are based in Moscow.

They provide cyber security products to individuals and businesses alike. All their products come with a 30 day trial which is absolutely free, so that users can cancel their subscription any time before the trial period and save themselves some money.

The company also holds several awards and accolades for making the best cyber protection programs.


The Kaspersky lab, as is the name of the manufacturing and Research and development team of the company – is known for churning out new and innovative products to make the internet a safe space for all your data. Some of their most popular products are listed below, and you can learn how to cancel Kaspersky auto renewal for any of these products:

  • Anti-virus
  • Internet Security
  • Total security products
  • Protection for suspicious program behaviour
  • User warning for dangerous websites etc.

About auto renewal

Automatic renewal which is the full for auto renewal is a service offered to customers for their convenience. It allows them to renew any of their premium subscriptions automatically on a monthly or annual basis.

These subscriptions are set in such a way that customers do not have to worry about updating them from time to time.

Steps for how to cancel Kaspersky auto renewal

We have compiled a list of steps which tell users how to cancel Kaspersky auto renewal:

  • Visit the official website that provides support for your Kaspersky product.
  • Sign in using the ID and password; you must have created it at the starting of the product usage.
  • On the dropdown menu, you should see a host of options for your products.
  • Click on the option that says licenses.
  • It will contain a detailed list of licenses of all your registered products.
  • There will also be a link for auto renewal, check if it turned on.
  • With a right click choose the disable link along with mentioning the reason why you wish to stop this service any further.
  • Click yes for a final confirmation.
  • Now, your auto renewal is turned off.
  • You should keep in mind that this does not cancel your subscription, since it will remain active until its period ends naturally.

cancel kaspersky auto renewal

Customer service

If even after following all these steps on how to cancel Kaspersky auto renewal you could not succeed with the process, then you should definitely visit the customer service via the website or phone call. They will address the reason as to why you can’t stop this service. They might even solve the problem for you and disable it through their system.

kaspersky customer service

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