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Do you have a prominent concern with the VPN client and Outlook working on any one of them? Well, there might be a case when you have a PC connected to your company network via VPN and you got a report saying that Outlook doesn’t support the emails. You are able to access the emails only using others browsers and not via the original application MS Outlook. In case you did not make any changes within the VPN computers.

Kaspersky blocking outlook emails

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What are the symptoms of Kaspersky blocking outlook emails ? 

Check for the Settings of the PC: The connection to the Internet should be disabled for all by KES (Kaspersky Endpoint Security) in case of Windows 10, only web mail and a certain web pages are required for the task.

So try on the PC just for testing (which has been connected to a local network).

How to resolve Kaspersky blocking outlook emails ?

  1. Re installation of the Kaspersky Endpoint Security will hopefully solve it.
  2. When you will turn off the Kaspersky Endpoint Security, your PC will gain a full access to the connected Internet. This is because the Kaspersky policy will become inactive and every application will turn out to be fine. Furthermore, you will be able to run Outlook. However, we want the Kaspersky to work alongside so this might not be an ideal solution.
  3. When all the policies were activated “ON” you will be able to access the mail via the (mail-server/) or the name of the server in the browser though not via IP address of the server (Note: you will observe that all pings were successful and you will be logged in via the server name) – which will be also weird. Still, there are chances that Outlook might not work.
  4. You might also notice that if you use the name of the mail server, it will automatically switch into vulnerable HTTPS page and you could be logged into the mail however if you use an IP address, you will see that it will switch into a secure HTTPS mode. Soon, you will be able to login into the mail.
  5. Acknowledging this, there can be a message denying the 443 port in Kaspersky and also, the Outlook application, mail via Internet Protocol including the mail via server name – all these applications were working.
  6. So you can put the PC to the remote location through VPN then wait for something to happen! There are chances that it would start working (the port 443 would no longer be denied). You would be able to reach into the mail not only via an Internet Protocol in the browser again but also via Outlook.

You can try installing the new version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security, there are fruitful chances that you might start getting emails in Outlook (Note: these fixings are totally working in 2016). This problem is based on your email service provider including the TLS encryption level which they support. So, you can contact the email service provider.

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