Activate McAfee anti-virus with a retail card

Activate McAfee anti-virus with a retail card​In today’s fast moving world time is money and to be cherished by everyone dearly. And the businesses or companies who make your day to day tasks easier are lifesavers, especially when it comes to technology. McAfee provides a wide range of products to ensure your device’s safety from a number of threats. And to make it even easier they now provide their anti-virus services through a retail card as well so there’s no need for you to purchase a CD and go through any other complicated steps. As an added bonus you always get only the latest version through a retail card as well. You simply have to go to a nearby store to purchase the McAfee Anti-virus retail card and go back home to start the McAfee antivirus activation process.

 Country  Toll-Free Number
 McAfee support phone number USA 1-888-832-1727

To get started with the activation process you simply have to log on to the official McAfee website which is, from there you simply have to follow these instructions :

Enter Mcafee activate 25 digit code

On the retail card that you just purchased, there must be a 25 digit activation code present on it. Simply type in that 25 digit activation code in the necessary field.

Next you need to enter an e-mail address to register with your McAfee account if you are making a new one. In case you already have a registered account with McAfee you simply have to type in the e-mail address associated with your existing account. To complete the activation process, click on the Next button which will redirect you to a new page prompting you to initiate the download process for the McAfee Anti-virus application. From there just follow further prompts or instructions.

mcafee activate

How to activate McAfee anti-virus in a new laptop:

If you buy a new device nowadays like mobile, laptop, tablet etc. it usually comes with a number of applications and software preinstalled to make the set up of your new device easier. Especially if you buy a new Windows laptop it not only comes with the latest software updates but also a wide range of products to save your device from any potential threats such as third-party interventions, viruses and any other possible security breach. McAfee Anti-vrus comes loaded with a number of ways to ensure smooth functioning of your new device without the fear of any viruses and such. The only things left to do is for you to set up the application and activate your user subscription. The necessary steps to be taken are as follows:


  • Firstly you need to sign up for a new McAfee account seeing as your device is new you most likely will not have an account already. In case you do, then you simply need to log into that account.

  • To set up a new account, however, open the McAfee Anti-virus software and go to the settings. There you will find an option for My info, there click on My Account.

  • Now you will be redirected to your default browser page to set up a new account. Type in the e-mail address that you have access to on a daily basis and create a strong password including number, symbols and both upper and lowercase letters to ensure maximum security of your account.

  • All that’s left to do is to follow through with the remaining activation steps.

  • Now that the activation process is complete all you have to do is to verify your subscription. This can be done any time at all as long as you have access to your account. Simply click on the McAfee icon and then choose the Verify Subscription option. This process will take a few moments to complete and when it is, all of your information will be synced and be up to date.

This completes your subscription and activation process of the McAfee Anti-virus software. In case of any extra needed assistance or failure to complete the activation process feel free to contact the technical support team to get in touch with you to resolve the issue.

How to activate McAfee LiveSafe in PC:

McAfee LiveSafe is just another service that McAfee provides for their customers to have a completely safe and threat free experience. It just not prevents any viruses to get into your device but also runs a thorough scan to find out any or all of the hidden viruses that may or may not have escaped past the firewalls set up.


To activate the McAfee Livesafe on your PC simply follow through with these easy.


Steps to activate McAfee LiveSafe on PC :


  1. Before we start with the activation, it’s mandatory for you to download the McAfee Software Install Helper Tool.

  2. After you have successfully downloaded the McAfee Software, run it. When it’s open, a window will appear asking you to put in the necessary credentials such as your email address and password to move on to the Login process. In case you don’t have an already existing account you will immediately need to sign up for a new one. In case you have just forgotten your password, simply click on the link Forgot Password which will lead you to set up a new one. Follow the necessary prompts to do so.

  3. After you have logged in to your existing account or signed up for a new one, click on the Next or Start button to proceed with the activation process.

  4. Now a window will show up asking for you to accept the License Agreement, kindly do so.

  5. In case of any interruptions or minor error you may need to delete the software and then install it all over again. It will only need to happen if the activation process gets stuck in between after accepting License Agreement. Otherwise, there’s no need to any such thing.

  6. Now that everything has been set up and the activation process is complete, you are now free to access all the beneficial features of the McAfee LiveSafe Software on your personal computer.


In case the above mentioned steps don’t work or cause any trouble and you are need of some extra help, it is better to get in touch with the technical support team to get professional help.

How to activate McAfee with serial number

Usually McAfee serial number, McAfee activation key, activation code key, license number, etc are all same things and all of them are 25 digit long. So, to activate your McAfee with a serial number here are some easy to follow steps:

  • First thing to do is to make a purchase. You can either buy the product online from the official McAfee website or if convenient you can simply go to a nearby retail store, one that is easily accessible. Now from the retail store you will either get the CD or a retail card. In case it is a CD make sure that the product you are purchasing is the latest updated version. However, in case of a retail card you won’t have to bother about it because it will no doubt contain only the latest update of the concerned product. Either way, you will now have access to an activation code or McAfee product key (McAfee activate 25 digit code), or you can say serial number.
  • Some times there is no need to redeem the serial number that you received through the retail card or CD but other times might have to manually redeem it.
  • To redeem the serial number, go to the official McAfee website or simple go to the address The page that will appear will ask you to type in the needed credentials to complete the login process. In case you have to make a new account, go to the sign up option instead and use an easily accessible e-mail address because all the issue and notifications or any other detail related to your McAfee account will be sent to you through mail on this very same address.
  • After you have successfully logged in or signed up, proceed to look for the McAfee security set up file and once you have found it, download it on to your computer system.
  • In case you got your serial number from a CD you’ll have to follow one more step, which will be to put the CD inside of your personal computer system and then from it proceed to download all the necessary programs and save all the files on to your concerned device instead.
  • After all the downloading has been done, proceed to run the set up files you have just downloaded and move on to activate your brand new McAfee software subscription.
  • Now a prompt tab will appear to ask for a number of permissions.
  • Allow your laptop or personal computer to run the McAfee Software.
  • Proceed to agree to all the necessary terms and conditions and accept the License Agreement as well.
  • You can also customize the settings according to yourself, such as any changes in the location and language. Although it is recommended to put in your location honestly as it will ensure smooth functioning and prevent you from further putting your device or concerned data at unnecessary risk. Even the language should be the one you are completely fluent in. There’s no place for fun and games here as you might not understand what is happening in the software and unknowingly compromise the safety of your device and your own.
  • The last step is the installation of the software. Click on the Install button. This will take a couple of moments.
  • After the installation is complete. You will need to set up a password so that no one else other than you or at least without your knowledge or permission will be able to access your McAfee software subscription.
  • Now that everything is activated, set up, downloaded and installed, you will need to reboot your system. After the rebooting, the software will carry out an in depth scan to look for any potential threats such as viruses, or any other possible security breach. If any problems are found, the software will inform you about it. Then it will either take care of it on it’s own or ask for your help if needed.

With this you are good to go and be tension free about the safety of your device. For further assistance it is advised to get in touch with the McAfee technical support team.

How to activate McAfee in Dell Laptop

Dell Laptop just like any other brand new device or Windows laptop will come with a preinstalled McAfee Software. All that will be left for the buyer to do is to activate the subscription, install the application and log in to the subscription account to access all the benefits and features of the McAfee Software.


  • To activate the McAfee Software on your Dell laptop simply follow through with these easy steps:
  • As your Dell laptop already has the McAfee software downloaded in it, the first thing you will have to do is to set up your McAfee account to be able to use the software.
  • In case you already have an account, there’s not much to do except log in using your already existing e-mail id and password.
  • In case you don’t have one, worry not. Simply go to the settings > My Info > My account and sign up for a new one. Make sure that you don’t use an e-mail id which is no longer in use and that your password follows the correct pattern of number, special characters and upper and lowercase letters to make it secure.

  • After you are done with setting up your account for McAfee, click on the McAfee software icon on your taskbar, click on the Verify Subscription option, follow through with the necessary steps or instructions and you are good to go.

  • After the verification is done. Reboot the system and run a security check.


If there are any minor problems, a little reinstalling of the McAfee software will do. If that doesn’t seem to help either, be sure to get in touch with the technical support team.

How to activate McAfee endpoint security

To enable the McAfee endpoint security, go to the Mcafee menu and choose the Preferences option. From there go to the General option where you will see a lock icon. Click on it, then a prompt will ask you to be enter a password. From there click on the Enable option, after which you will need to again click on the lock icon so save the changes and also so that no one else can change these saved settings without your knowledge or permission.


How to use Mcafee Preinstall Tool

  • Download the McAfee Pre-Install
  • Then double-click the Pre-Install Tool.exe file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Examine the warning message carefully before clicking OK to accept the changes.
  • Click OK > CLOSE after the Preinstall Tool is finished.
  • After that, restart your computer and try to reinstall your product.

In case for extra help, contact the technical Support team. Dial +1-888-832-1727 if you are facing any issues.

How to activate McAfee Mobile security in Android:

If you have subscribed to McAfee Software on your personal computer or laptop, you can use to activate your mobile security as well.


  • Open the McAfee website. There go to My Account and from then log in to your McAfee account using the right e-mail address and password. As you already have a subscription, there is no need to for a new account.

  • Once your account is open, click on the Subscriptions tab > Add Device.

  • From the list, choose mobile phone option.

  • Now here, an option will appear to send a link to your mobile device. You can either send the link through a text, or you can also go for the option of e-mail. If you choose the text option, then make sure to type in the number that is active right now and belongs to the mobile phone on which McAfee Mobile Security service will be activated. If not text, rather go for the next option which is mail. Simply put in the e-mail that is accessible from the very same mobile device you are going to be activating the service on.

  • In any case, you get the link via a text on the preferred number or sent via a mail to the preferred e-mail address.

  • After you send the link, preferably from a personal computer or laptop so that the installation process on your phone won’t be interrupted, select the device type as android and the subscription you want.

  • While the link with activation code is sent from the PC or laptop browser window, go to the play store and download the McAfee Mobile Security application.

  • After the application is done being installed on the android device, proceed to open it.

  • As soon as you open the app put in the activation code or key. It’s the very same activation code or key that you received through the selected option of either the text or the mail. Copy that activation code or key which 25 digit long and then let the application initiate the activation process.

  • If your android device asks you for any specific permissions, it’s be safe to allow them all for ensuring smooth functioning of the McAfee Mobile Security.

  • Your android device will also ask you if the e-mail used for your McAfee account subscription is safe and trustworthy or not. Choose yes.

  • Further you will be asked to create a PIN of 6 digit just like on your PC or laptop. Do it.

  • And set up your McAfee account e-mail address.

  • Then set a security question of your choice, choose the answers and save them.

  • Lastly, click on the Activate Theft button and you are done.

For further help or assistance, contact the technical support team.

McAfee code redeem with your retail card

All software which need to be installed on PCs come with keys or codes – they are a means to identify fake products from authentic ones. Here is what these codes mean and the reasons they are necessary:

  • These are codes made by combining alphanumeric characters to identify the product at the time of installation.
  • The developers can be rest assured that all products with these keys are purchased and paid for legally.
  • It is important that the user has working internet connectivity while entering the key, only then verification will be possible.



We have compiled a list of steps, which can be followed for the mcafee code redeem process.

The first step towards installing the product with the key will be to generate it. It depends on the user and their choice of purchase whether this key can be found online or offline.

  • Visit any retail store that sells this particular brand of anti-virus product that suits your needs.
  • The user will get a retail card inside the packaged box.
  • After the purchase, go to the official website of the retail card and enter the 25 digit code mentioned on it.
  • You will also have to give an email address to receive the activation code.
  • After which you can go to the antivirus website and log in with either a new ID or use your old one.
  • Download the product and enter the code received in the mail at the time of installation.


Retail CD

  • If you decide to use the mcafee code redeem with a cd, then open the official website (the exact address will be mentioned on the purchased product)
  • Enter a few details like, region and language to change the settings according to your preference.
  • Then go ahead and enter the key and submit it.
  • Sign into the homepage with your old or new account details.
  • After that, the user can download and install the product with the help of the activation key.

How to activate Mcafee renewal

It’s a pretty easy and quick process to renew your McAfee subscription. Just the initial installing and activation is a bit complicated or lengthy process, at least compared to the renewal.


Go to the and open the My Account option. From there you will see All Expired and View Active options, among the rests.


If your plan has already expired you will go to the first option and if your plan is still active but soon to expire, go to the second option. Either way, you will see the lists of subscriptions you have had so far and from there choose the plan you desire.


Once you’ve chosen the plan, proceed for the payment. As usual, fill in the necessary details as in the preferred method of payment, billing address, etc.


After you have completed the payment, your renewal is now done and the new plan will be active on the spot, if expired or immediately after the still active plan expires.


Some Common asked on Mcafee Activate

Users who have purchased and installed antivirus products can use them for the duration of the package. It can be for a period of one, two or five years. Once the time period is up, the subscription needs to be renewed again.

It is a fairly easy process, which can be achieved by following these steps mentioned:

  • Open the official mcafee website and log into your account with the registered user id and password.
  • Click on subscriptions on the top panel.
  • Choose the renew option from the drop down menu – it depends on you to continue with the old plan or choose a new one.
  • Select a payment method and the subscription renewal process will be completed.

The 25 digit alphanumeric code is what protects mcafee products from being sold illegally. They are used for maintain the genuinety and authenticity of all the anti-malware products. It is an important piece of code that the user has to enter at the time of installing the program on their system.

This code is sent to the user, usually on their email address after a simple registration procedure. Here are the steps which can be followed to access this activation key:

  • Open your search browser and enter the website address for the official product manufacturer.
  • On the website homepage, check out the top panel to look for the activate option.
  • Click on it and you shall be redirected to a list of different subscription plans.
  • Choose the one you would like to go for and enter the product key mentioned on the retail card, along with your email address.
  • After which you can proceed with the program installation – enter the activation key mailed, whenever asked for.

Mobile security is a specially curated product by mcafee, which is protects smartphones from third party attacks, online privacy leaks, and malicious activities as well as helps the user in relocating a lost device.

After you have purchased this product, here’s to activate it on your android phone, if you are a first time user:

  • Go to the security program and click on the three lines on the top corner to open the menu.
  • Type in the email address that you would like to link with this program.
  • Then proceed to create a strong enough password.
  • You will also have to enter some other details to setup things like region and preferred language.
  • Hit agree on the license agreement.
  • The user can also enter their phone number, if that’s how they’d like to correspond.
  • Lastly, make a unique pin cod for verification purposes.
  • Hit continue and then the activate button to start using the admin setup in the security program.

Auto renewal helps the customers avoid the manual process of monthly or annual package renewals. You can simply save your credit card details with the company and they will auto renew it for you from time to time. However, if for some reason you’d like to cancel mcafee auto renewal then follow the steps below:

  • Open your regular search browser and type in the address for mcafee’s official website.
  • On the log in page, enter the username and password of the account to which the product is linked.
  • Once you have signed in, go to the ‘my account’ option which should be located on the top panel.
  • Click on the subscriptions option from the drop down menu, and then click on the settings for auto renewal option.
  • Click on the disable or switch off option and it will be cancelled.
  • It should be kept in mind that the user needs to follow up with a separate cancellation and refund process after this if they want their money back halfway.

If a user has chosen the manual renewal method for their anti-malware package, then we are here to tell them how to do mcafee subscription renewal – all by themselves. A renewal does not entail buying up the entire product all over again and reinstalling. 

Users simply need to keep their account information and credit details handy before the process can begin:

  • Visit the official website and login with the username and password.
  • On the top right corner of the homepage you should be able to find an option called My account, click on it.
  • Choose the subscriptions option from the menu that drops down.
  • All your currently subscribed products and packages will be mentioned under the list.
  • Choose the one that you would like to renew.
  • Add the payment details and confirm the renewal.
  • Once you save the changes and close the program, the program will be ready to use again.

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