Installation using

Installation using

For those planning on buying new antivirus software for your system, then it is pertinent that you know everything about it before making the purchase. This article delves into the usage and importance of a, for when users want to purchase an online model of the total security program.

 Country  Toll-Free Number
 McAfee support phone number USA 1-888-832-1727

About McAfee

McAfee is an American security company that provides protection to computer systems from any attacks or hackers, in turn keeping all the data safe for individuals and companies alike.


The company was established in 1987 and its current headquarters are located in San Jose, California, United States.

MTP card

When a customer buys the MTP from McAfee, they get an option to buy the latest version of a retail card from the internet.

The retail card is an extremely convenient tool for those people who do not have the equipment for installing a program directly from a CD, since many computer systems these days come without an appropriate drive for a CD.

Pros of using

Here are a few benefits that you can avail by going for the

  • Users get the most recent version of the security program since it is already completely up to date.
  • You do not have to hassle with the traditional complexities of installing and operating a program with a CD.
  • It is very easy to redeem the license key with the retail card simply.

Steps for using

Installation using

In the event of using for the installation process of an anti-virus program, here are the steps that need to be followed in the precise given order:

  • To make an online purchase of the software go to the official website and buy it from there by adding it to your cart and making the payment.
  • Sign in to your account on the website with the linked email and enter a password. If you do not have a pre-existing account, then it is recommended that you begin by creating one.
  • After you are successfully signed into the account, a key will be sent to your email address via a confirmation email. Make sure to keep the mail safe and the key a secret.
  • Then proceed to install the software that you have purchased.
  • You will be asked to enter the activation key mentioned on the retail card, go ahead and type it in.
  • Run the program and your computer will have been secured.


redeem Mcafee

After the purchase of the, the next step is to get it redeemed since only then can you use it for installation:

  • Pop open the link that is mentioned on tour card from a web browser.
  • Visit the activation link from your card and select your country.
  • Also select a language that you would like to use as default.
  • After this proceed on to the registration process where you will be required to enter the activation code.
  • Enter an active email address that you currently use. Confirm to save everything you just did and go on to the installation process mentioned above.

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