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How to fix McAfee error 404

McAfee Error Pages 404 described as Error 404. McAfee has comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. McAfee helps businesses with cyber environments that are truly integrated, where protection, detection, and correction of security threats happen simultaneously and collaboratively. It is not an antivirus, it’s official purpose is to “analyze” your defenses and tell you if your computer is vulnerable. It scans your web history and objects currently running in memory for malware and checks the status of your firewall.

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How does McAfee error 404 occur? 

McAfee error 404 occurs when you are unable to log on to the ePolicy Orchestrator console.

What are the causes of McAfee error 404? 

  • Incomplete installation of McAfee software.
  • The corrupt download of McAfee software.
  • Corruption in Windows registry entries.
  • Malware or virus that has corrupted the Windows system programs.
  • McAfee anti-virus program related files deleted mistakenly by another program maliciously.

What are the symptoms of McAfee error 404? 

  • The Error appears and crashes the active program windows.
  • Devices frequently crash when running the same program.
  • The Error is displayed on the screen.
  • The device periodically freezes for a few seconds at a time.
  • Windows responds slowly to mouse and keyboard input and runs sluggishly.

Problem 1) You receive an HTTP 404 error when attempting to log on to the ePO console after an unexpected server restart. You still receive the error after performing the disaster recovery process.

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The solution for this McAfee error 404 is to replace the file server .xml from a backup or from a working ePO server at the same version.

Problem 2) When the agent attempts to communicate with the ePO server, the communication fails with the errors. 

What are the causes of communication fails with McAfee error 404? 

McAfee agent does not properly close the client connection/ socket after receiving a FIN, ACK from the ePO server, or remote agent handler. Each client connection remains open on the server for up to two minutes.

How to get rid of McAfee error 404?

Turn off the KeepAlive setting on the ePO server or remote agent handler to prevent these connections from remaining open. This will not have any adverse effects on the environment.

Problem 3) When you access the ATD manager using a hostname or FQDN, the activation window does not load. Your browser shows an HTTP 404 error code, received from the ATD appliance 

What will be the solution for McAfee error 404: activation window does not load?  

  • Connect to the ATD manager’s IP address.
  • Log on to ATD, and operate in VM profile creation.
  • Click on the Activate button to launch the Activation window.
  • If you cannot use an IP address to access the ATD manager, the technical support team can perform a remote session and resolve the error.

Clean out your system junk 

The system accumulates junk files from normal web surfing and computer use over time. If the junk is not cleaned out occasionally, it can cause Norton Internet Security to respond slowly or provide an error, possibly due to file conflicts or an overloaded hard drive. Cleaning up these junk will solve the McAfee error 404.

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