McAfee Slowing Down Computer

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McAfee Slowing Down Computer

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Wants to know why McAfee Slowing Down Computer then read the article and you will get to know how to fix this error.

In the time of technology and fast work, the very basic need of everyone is a computer system. Either its offices or homes, students or employees, employer or staff. As we need protection from coronavirus by using a mask, the same is with our systems but this system needs its mask from very old times. Yes, the mask we phoned as antivirus. We all need an antivirus to protect our computers from viruses, malicious sites. Antivirus glance attacks of viruses, unprotected or not safe sites and inspect our system scan and clean it out. The very well-known name among antivirus is McAfee antivirus. McAfee gives you and your near dear ones a good complete safety from spyware, malware, hazards, and other dangers. It safeguards your computer system and mobile phones too. But with all these good sides of this antivirus, there is one drawback coming out that it slows down the computer.

Yes, people have a query that why McAfee slows down the computer?. Let’s have a look at what can be the reasons behind that.

McAfee Slowing Down Computer

Why  McAfee Slowing Down Computer

  • McAfee is an antivirus, which is software installed in our system. This software works continuously at the back of the system while we are using it continuously scanning, checking sites we are using, and it needs some assets of the system to be used so that it clinches aegis is running actively.
  • McAfee makes your computer slow, another reason can be your system’s memory. Maybe you have less storage left, and this software running behind your task you are doing on your system so it is an extra effort for your system to run with lots of things and making your system slow. There is also a reason for slowing down your computer due to McAfee is your settings of the software.
  • When you install this antivirus, you may have enabled the automatic update which takes space and your internet connection and makes your system slow.
  • One more reason behind that is if the auto scan is enabled, it scans your computer for malware and other things with the same time you are also working on your system with other tasks then it creates a burden on your system, its memory, and performance which can make your computer slow.
  • The next thing is your processor if you have an old processor it will make your computer slow for sure because it won’t support too much work concurrently in the background.

And as much the process is there in the queue for a ram, your system will hinder.

  • If you have put your computer system on a full scan procedure it will thoroughly check every file and folder and it takes longer. If in doubt your system’s drive is older and retains lots of data and applications then McAfee checks your system fully with all the resources and at that time other applications of your system might get hampered.
  • There is another aspect also that is your computer system fulfills all the system ordinance for using McAfee antivirus software. You must check once that all conditions are fulfilled or not. You can also search on McAfee’s website for the ordinance and conditions.
  • McAfee is slowing down your computer for that you should ensure that no other protection software installed with that. If you have more than one safety software together it will clash for the approval and trust cases make your system slow.

With all these aspects we summarize that McAfee slows down a computer because of various reasons it is one of the advanced and multi-featured software for protection so that it may not run smoothly on some versions and old ones. It also takes the primary memory so it must be a good processor and operating system.

For resolving the issue of McAfee slowing down computers.

Let’s have some quick points which can save the problem of a hindrance.

How we can resolve the slowing down process of computer while using McAfee

  • Check your settings, auto-check, and continuous inspection not needed to turn off the option.
  • Just try to set it on only when you explore uncommon and new websites.
  • The scheduled scan should be there, auto and a full scan is not needed for all time.
  • Click on ” Start Menu” all the sections under the option of “MSConfig”, that all should be a tick off either it’s by This option you find under the setting option.

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