What is McAfee Total Protection & How to use it in Easy step

All About McAfee Total Protection.

All About McAfee Total Protection.

Data is becoming one of the most important items of the current era. The information that an individual or an organization collect is their most important asset. This data can be useful for many important reasons. The data that our computer processes are enormous. Computer plus Internet has almost all our information.

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These include minor items like our photographs or a word file we created or major items like our banking details, social media account log-in details, etc. Whether it be major or minor items, if fallen in the wrong hands can be severely misused. This is a reason why protection over computers is an important thing and McAfee Total Protection provides you to stay safe from threats.

McAfee total protection

McAfee Total Protection

Protection is a very important and responsible task. And while it comes to the protection of our computer devices, it becomes more important as our computer itself doesn’t have such intelligence to understand that the item entering into it is good or bad. In such a situation, a program given the command to detect such harmful items plays an important role. This program is called Antivirus

McAfee is one of the oldest Antivirus companies. It has experience in the market and dealing with computer viruses like no other company. One of its best products in relation to the antimalware protection system is McAfee Total Protection.

Benefits of the McAfee Total protection Application

This software is probably the best because of the benefits it provides. The list of it is too long. The software does provide really good protection from all the malware that tends to attack the computer with an intention to harm the device or to grab all the data available with it survives in your computer.

This feature is basically present in all such applications, but these are not enough as the hackers are attacking computers in a severe dedication, due to which they find a way to enter into the device or develop such a system that can do so.

Many of them also try to steal your information from the internet. Thus, extensive benefits like Password Protection (which keeps all your passwords in one safe and heavily protected place), Internet Protection (That keeps you safe on the internet), Identity Protection (That safeguards your identity from the information stealers), VPN (that makes your device almost impossible to track from the internet) and Anti-spam (a feature that filters all the unusual elements).

How to buy McAfee total protection software?

Mcafee total protection

The process of buying depends upon you as all options are available according to your comfortability. If you are comfortable buying the software online, you can do so by visiting the official website. This is beneficial as you add the payment details during the buying process. This information can be further used to add the subscription. If you aren’t comfortable buying online, you can easily obtain it through the nearest store which is related to computers. You can also buy them through your favorite E-Commerce website. The software (McAfee Total Protection) is available on almost every E-Commerce website.

The Activation Key-code

It doesn’t matter where you buy the software from. One common element will be the activation keycode. As the software is paid software, it applies certain restrictions to download and use the software. The Keycode is provided by the company to act as a key that can open up the restrictions, so that you, being the genuine buyer, can easily use the software.

Just like any other code that you have got or created, it is a mixture of some numbers and words that make it unique. This code will be available within the package, that you have bought or ordered. If you have done the payment through the official website, the McAfee Team will send a mail to the address you have given to them. This will contain the code.

All About McAfee Total Protection.

Using this Code to Avail the Application in your Device.

The Code needs to be added to activate your account, for using the software. To do this, follow the given procedures.

Process no.1: Add the code over the website with the E-mail Address.

  • In this process, you will have to first go to the following website: Antivirus Software and Internet Security For Your PC or Mac | McAfee
  • Here add the following:
  • Enter your Code: Here, type your Activation Keycode having 25 Digits
  • Enter your Email: Here, type your Email Address associated with the account. (If you have registered your website, McAfee will do it. So, no worries)
  • Press on the ‘Next button
  • Scroll down and press the ‘Activate Membership’ option

Process no.2: Adding the Application to your device.

  • After you finish the previous process, a page will load. In here, press the ‘Download Button’ and wait till it’s done.
  • Go to the downloads section of your browser and open the application
  • Press the ‘Yes’ option
  • Finally, press the ‘Install’ Button.

Frequenltly Asked Questions

Ques-1 How to unblock software that is blocked by McAfee Total Protection Application?

Ans-1 Start the McAfee Application on the computer
Select the following options:
1- PC Security
2- Fire Wall
3- Internet Connections for Program
4- The Application has been blocked by McAfee
5- Edit
6- Incoming and Outgoing
7- Save

Ques- 2 How to unblock a website that is blocked by McAfee Total Protection Application?

Ans-2 Start the McAfee Application on the computer
Select the following options:
1- PC Security
2- Fire Wall
3- Net Guard
4- The Address that was blocked by McAfee
5- Edit
6- Allow
7- Save

Ques- 3 How to use VPN provided with the McAfee Total Protection Application?

Ans- 3 Activate the auto-renewal system in your device
a. Go to the website: home.mcafee.com
b. Add your credentials and press ‘Log-in’
c. Within the Auto-Renewal Section, select ‘Turn On’
d. Fill in the details asked in there.
e. Press ‘Save’
1- Start the Application
2- Select Home
3- Select ‘Browse Safely with VPN’
4- Turn on the VPN option

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