McAfee Web Advisor Not Working in Chrome

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McAfee Web Advisor Not Working in Chrome

Facing a problem with McAfee Web Advisor Not Working in Chrome then read the article and you will get to know how to fix this problem.

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McAfee WebAdvisor is one of the most reliant, reputed, and well-known software based in America that is known for its impeccable services in the field of cybersecurity and protection for computers and their system against viruses, hackers, and any unsuspicious activity. It also makes it a point not to interfere with the usual processes of the system or slow it down which is why it has gained the credibility that it owns.

However, despite the benefits and advantages that come along with McAfee WebAdvisor, one of the troublesome things is that it inevitably encounters errors at times too due to which complaints or questionings arise. One of such complaints is that of McAfee web advisor not working in chrome.

The issue of McAfee web advisor not working in chrome can cause a huge hassle and stress over the users due to the protective shield getting broken from the browser and how then the browser is prone to any harmful or suspicious activity without being under any protective stance which is a major worry for the users.

McAfee Web Advisor Not Working in Chrome

However, why does this issue of McAfee web advisor not working in chrome occurs?

Some of the reasons for McAfee web advisor not working in chrome could be due to-

  • McAfee web advisor plugin getting disabled or turned off.
  • The issue is sometimes possible during browser updates, reboot, or restarting of the system.
  • Sometimes the extension also gets removed due system getting upgraded or corrupted.

The issues at times are also underlying and not easy to pinpoint which can then get troublesome for the users to get to the root cause of the problem.

Here are some approaches and steps that one can try to fix the issue of McAfee WebAdvisor not working in chrome:

Enabling the WebAdvisor :

  • When the issue is occurring in chrome, go to the browser and from there find the option of settings in the tab above.
  • Click on it and move ahead to find the Post option of Extensions.
  • Locate the WebAdvisor extension and look at the side that showcases a checkbox. Make sure it is checked and is enabled and if not then click on it to enable it.
  • After it is enabled, the web advisor should continue to start working in chrome again.

    Re-Installation to fix the McAfee Web Advisor Not Working in Chrome :

  • Through the setting on google and then extensions, one can again move ahead to locate the extension and removing it.
  • After removing it, try to add it again after refreshing and make sure that the option of using the extension is enabled.
  • If not through extension then one can also reinstall the application in the system and the problem should be resolved and WebAdvisor should begin to work again in chrome.

In case of any queries or persisting trouble, one can also try to contact or reach out to professional assistance for their thorough guidance through for easy and quick fix, one can follow the steps and approaches mentioned above and the issue of McAfee Webadvisor not working in chrome should be resolved.

If you have any other query then feel free to comment below or you can call us at our toll-free no.

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Q. Webadvisor not working in Google Chrome

Browser plug-ins like McAfee WebAdvisor are occasionally deactivated after browser updates, which might create this issue. When the browser is restarted, they are not instantly re-enabled

Q.Web Advisor not working in Firefox

If  Web Advisor not working in Firefox Perhaps you might try the following:-

In Firefox, click the web advisor icon and select options, then click Reset to Default Settings in blue below.

Close firefox and resume it after a few seconds.

Perhaps the problem has been resolved?

If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling web advisor;

deactivate and delete Webadvisor from the addon settings in Firefox.

Web Advisor may be uninstalled on Windows through the Apps and Features Control Panel.

restart your computer

Q.McAfee Web Advisor Stopped Working in Internet Explorer 11

It was advised that due to changes by Microsoft, Webadvisor in Internet Explorer 11 no longer showed ticks on search sites nor scanned downloads in the same way. As a consequence We only use Firefox and Chrome now, which are not affected. This is annoying for us because we used Internet Explorer 11 regularly for business. Note, this is a “feature” of MS which has reduced McAfee functionality.


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