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McAfee has comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. McAfee provides businesses with cyber environments that are truly integrated, where protection, detection, and correction of security threats happen simultaneously and collaboratively. But users face some of the issues like McAfee won’t scan unexpected error which needs to be resolve as soon as possible.

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It is not an antivirus, it’s official purpose is to “analyze” your defenses and tell you if your computer is vulnerable. The purpose is to scans your web history and objects currently running in memory for malware and checks the status of your firewall.

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In case the McAfee Virus Scan is not working, first, see Help in McAfee Virus Scan. Click Help at the top of the McAfee virus scan window, and then click on Help.

How to resolve McAfee won’t scan unexpected error? 

In case you are unable to run a scan or McAfee is unable to clean or delete the virus, follow these instructions to restart your computer in Safe mode and run a manual scan.

  1. Start your computer in Safe Mode.
  2. In case your computer is on, shut it down.
  3. Turn your computer on. The device will begin processing a set of instructions known as the “Basic Input/ Output System” (BIOS). A progress bar will display on your system, in some systems display will not appear.
  4. After the BIOS has finished processing, begin tapping the F8 key on your keyboard. Continue the process until the Windows Advanced Options menu appears.
  5. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to choose Safe Mode.
  6. Press Enter.
  7. From the start menu, choose All Programs > Mcafee > on Demand Scan.
  8. All local drives should be highlighted.
  9. Click Start.
  10. Virus Scan will take between five minutes and several hours to scan your computer, depending on the amount of data on your computer’s drive(s).
  11. Close Virus Scan when the scan is complete.
  12. Restart your computer in regular mode.

How to uninstall and reinstall McAfee Antivirus to fix McAfee won’t scan unexpected error 

  1. Open the McAfee file in the programs folder in your explorer.
  2. Find the C:\\program files\\\\agent\\app and delete each of the files found inside your folder.
  3. In case you are unable to locate the McAfee applications, just type ”McAfee” into the search option under the explorer toolbar.
  4. Click ”Add and Remove Programs” located in the control panel.
  5. Select ”McAfee Security Center” then choose to remove.
  6. Shut down each open program and restart the computer. The system will reboot and perform a quick systems check.
  7. Insert the McAfee CD to reinstall the software.
  8. Click start located on the lower left-hand corner of your desktop.
  9. Select the “computer” tab.
  10. In the search bar located on top of the menu box and type “McAfee” and hit enter.
  11. The list will be in the search box which will include the McAfee Security Center software program.
  12. Select “Add and Remove Programs” located on the left of the menu box.
  13. Choose “Mcafee Security Center” > then select Remove, when you are prompted and click “Mcafee security center” and hit Reinstall.
  14. Select OK.
  15. Select Finish.
  16. Allow the program to reinstall, then restart the computer.

In case, the problem still persists, contact the customer care toll-free number Call 1-888-832-1727 to resolve McAfee won’t scan unexpected error

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