Scan any website using McAfee URL checker

McAfee URL checker

Anti-malware programs are designed to provide a wide array of services from just one program. They not only clean up your computer systems but also secure from any third-party attacks, block dangerous and suspicious websites, etc. One such feature that you can find is the McAfee URL checker.

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mcafee url checker

This is a program that will test out the validity of any links and provide the user with a proper report of all the hyperlink texts that are present on a website.

About McAfee

This cybersecurity company was established in the year 1987 by John McAfee, who named the organization after himself. After so many years of its existence, McAfee has evolved into a well-known security provider all over the globe.


Now that the entire world has shifted most of its operations to the online base, there is a lot of big data in the clouds which can get compromised and ruin people’s lives and businesses. Getting an anti-virus like this is not just a requirement for individuals but also for institutions like government org, or banks etc.

McAfee URL checker

A URL is basically a unique address that is allotted to each and every website that exists on the internet. When you enter these addresses on the search bar of your browser, you will be redirected to a resource that exists on that location.

There are several websites that contain defective or harmful hyperlinks on their pages. These links can be harmful to anyone who visits the site without an anti-virus. This is where programs like McAfee URL checker come in, you can find out if the website was hosting any kind of defective links in the past days. If it did, then it is a clear indication that you should stay away from such websites.

This is an essential tool for you to find out which websites are safe to visit and which are not.


If you decide on getting yourself a McAfee URL checker then here are a few things that it will scan on the website to detect its safety:

  • The automatic scan will catch if the site prompted any kinds of suspicious downloads in to the systems.
  • It will also provide a report regarding the number of emails that were sent by the website.
  • It will also find out the frequency of pop ups which are displayed on websites from time to time.
  • You will also be informed on how the website is affiliated with other harmful sites.

McAfee URL checker

Uses of McAfee URL checker

If you intend to use the McAfee URL checker for your business then it would be a good idea to find out the extent of its abilities and the kinds of services offered by this program:

  • It checks the website by comparing it to blacklisted sites.
  • If the site poses any kind of threats, they are carefully analyzed and a report is presented.
  • At the end of a complete scan, a safety report is submitted to the user.

McAfee URL checker

However, if any website owner feels that their website has been rated incorrectly, they are free to submit a dispute request to get a thorough re-evaluation.

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