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Not able to uninstall McAfee antivirus from pc?
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What are the issues in McAfee antivirus?

One of the foremost commonly asked queries the experts get is a way to uninstall McAfee or Norton antivirus and security product. Perhaps it is as a result of trial versions of that product were pre installed once the client purchased the PC, or even you wish to uninstall McAfee and install another antivirus product.

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They’ve even received mail from PC users making an attempt to put in an antivirus product and that they(user) are told to uninstall McAfee before they will proceed although it seems McAfee isn’t running on the system. Even experts are surprised at how many viruses attack McAfee and Norton product particularly and disable them so that they will wreck havoc on the PC. Everything appeared to work OK, though the antivirus caught up the system a bit.

Not able to uninstall McAfee antivirus from pc?

Steps when you unable to uninstall McAfee antivirus from PC

Because we tend to cannot uninstall the program once it’s in Managed Mode, we’ve to initially modify McAfee into Unmanaged Mode.

  • Open the command prompt.
  • Click within the search box on the bottom left corner of the taskbar (either Cortana or the magnifying glass) and kind “Command Prompt” Click on the icon that seems.
  • Next, we’ve to navigate the prompt to the Program Files folder.
  • First, try to write the following: CD “C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework”
  • If that worked, then continue to the subsequent step. Otherwise, if you got a message saying the system cannot notice the path specified, then sort the following: CD “C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework”
  • From there, sort the following: frminst.exe /remove=agent and press the Enter key. currently, McAfee is in Unmanaged Mode.

When that program finishes its work, act and shut the command prompt.

  • Click within the search box on the bottom left corner of the taskbar (either Cortana or the magnifying glass) and kind “Add or take away programs” Click on the icon that seems.
  • First of all, user have to click McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise and choose Uninstall.
  • After it finishes uninstalling, search for McAfee Anti Spyware Enterprise Module. If it’s there, uninstall it. Otherwise, move to the subsequent step.
  • If there are the other programs that have the word McAfee, and given that they’re NOT McAfee Agent, then take away them.
  • Take away the McAfee Agent, when there’s only McAfee Agent left and have to ensure McAfee Agent is removed last.

With that, McAfee is fully uninstalled from your machine.

Simple steps to resolve issue unable to uninstall McAfee antivirus from PC? 

  1. Remove using Windows

⦁ Click the link for your version of Windows. you’ll move to

⦁ Follow Microsoft’s removal steps:

⦁ Windows 10

⦁ Windows 8, 8.1

⦁ Windows 7 or Vista

⦁ If removal succeeds, your McAfee product is currently removed from your computer.

  1. Download and run the McAfee shopper Product Removal tool (MCPR)

⦁ Download the MCPR tool.

⦁ Double-click MCPR.exe.

⦁ If you see a security warning:

Click Yes, Continue, or Run (depending on your version of Windows):

⦁ At the McAfee software system Removal screen:

  1. Click Next.
  2. Click agree to settle for the End User License Agreement (EULA).

⦁ At the safety Validation screen:

  1. Then type the characters that are specifically shown on your screen (validation is case-sensitive).
  2. Click Next. This step prevents the accidental use of MCPR.

When the method is complete, you’ll see one in every one of the subsequent messages. Click the one that you simply see.

Removal Complete:

If you see this message, the MCPR tool has completed with success.

Restart your computer to finish the removal method. Once your computer restarts, it’ll not be protected against viruses and malware, make sure that you set up your security code as shortly as attainable to stay protected.

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