How to fix Webroot issues with Windows 10?

fix Webroot issues with Windows 10

After getting any new device out first priority is to make it safe and secure with the help of an anti-virus. Our phones and laptops essentially contain our entire lives information, and it can be exposed to hackers if we fail to setup a security program. Out of the many anti-malware programs in the market, this article is going to deal specifically with the Webroot issues with Windows 10 today.

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About Webroot

Webroot is well-known American cyber security program maker, who provide internet protection against hackers, to individuals and businesses. The company was established in the year 1997, and has since evolved and branched out into many different subsidiaries.

webroot issues with windows 10

The security program is compatible with most operating systems, however users have complained of Webroot issues with Windows 10 usually after an update. To find out how you can solve these issues, continue reading on below.

Webroot issues with Windows 10

After updating your operating system to 10, these are some of the issues you might face:

  • You could get alert notifications that your anti-virus has been turned off, even though the security settings show that it is connected.
  • It can also slow down the loading speed of several websites.
  • Right after the update has finished, the programs, could take a long time to start up and begin.
  • Your system can start to hang a lot and become buggy.

How to resolve Webroot issues with Windows 10?

Reboot the system to fix the Webroot issues with Windows 10

Rebooting your system in case of any technical issues is perhaps the most layman method to fix something, however it is known to work in most of the cases.

Therefore before attempting any of the methods below, try to restart your system once and see if the Webroot issues with windows 10 still persist or not.

Update the anti-virus program

Sometimes, when the anti-malware program is in need of an update, it starts acting up and hangs a lot. It could be an indication of it being corrupted or a successful attack by a third party. In any case, the best way to fight this is to look if there are any new updates available, since they help in:

  • Latest files are required to combat new viruses and secure your system.
  • It is a must if you want to block any unnecessary spam ads and messages.
  • It will patch up any security flaws and remove all existing bugs.

update webroot

Disable windows defender

Another way to fix your Webroot is to turn any defender settings in your firewall, here’s how you can do that:

  • From the start button, go to settings.
  • Look for an option that states, security and update.
  • From there you will be redirected to firewall and network protection settings.
  • Then proceed to turn the setting off.
  • After you are done disabling it, Webroot issues with windows 10 should be resolved.

Disable windows defender

Reinstall Webroot

Reinstall Webroot

If the abovementioned steps fail to fix your issues, then you can just reinstall the program from scratch, by following these steps:

  • Before going for a reinstall, remember to have your 20 character key with you.
  • Download a copy of the antivirus or use the CD it came in.
  • Double click on the downloaded program and finish the installation.
  • You will be asked to enter the secret key, type it in and reboot your system once again.

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