How to troubleshoot when Webroot slowing down computer?

troubleshoot when Webroot slowing down computer

You might have experienced it first-hand or heard that anti-virus programs like Webroot slowing down computer. This essentially happens, when your program is taking up too much memory space in your CPU, more than what can be spared.

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Learn more about how to deal with this issue by reading below.

About Webroot

webroot slowing down computer

Webroot is a company in the United States, known for making cybersecurity programs. These programs provide anti-virus protection and internet security against any third-party attacks.

Ever since the formation of the company in the year 1997, they have endeavored to make individuals, as well as institutions like businesses, banks, government organizations, secure against real-time threats.

Signs that Webroot slowing down computer

Webroot slows down computer

It is a known fact that sometimes Webroot slowing down computer and its workings, but in order to know for sure, you should look for the signs mentioned below:

Probable reasons for Webroot slowing down computer :

  • The web browser can become incredibly slow and take a very long time to load the simplest of pages.
  • If you have an internet connection of 1gbit, then it can be clocked down to 0.5 gbit.
  • Applications take a long time to open and load.
  • Remote desktop becomes very slow, even within the LAN.

Why does Webroot slowing down computer issue occur?

If you are facing the above-mentioned issues in your system, then the theory that Webroot slowing down computer has been proven right. This happens because of a couple of reasons:

  • After installing Webroot onto your system, it gets loaded on the memory of your computer every time you boot the system. This is how it protects it from threats, however, while loading on the memory, the program takes up a part of the memory – if it is more than 50 % then the performance if affected.
  • The second reason why this happens is during the scans when all the files on your system are being scanned they take up a large part of the memory causing it slows down.

How to fix when Webroot slowing down computer issue?

Change timings

Follow the given steps to change how often (i.e. time and day of your scans) they are being conducted.

  • Open the notification area of the anti-virus program.
  • Open the control settings from the properties.
  • From the scan scheduler option, change the scan timings to once every two or three days.
  • This is the ideally recommended time, to ensure the safety of your computer.

changing scan scheduler

Alter intensity

The amount of memory consumed during a complete system scan also depends hugely on how intense the scan is. Altering this will be hugely helpful in speeding up your system.

  • Open the control settings of your anti-virus program.
  • Go to the advanced settings.
  • You should find a section for scan settings, click on it, and from the drop-down menu, look for the low memory usage option.
  • Click on it and save the changes by rebooting the system.

Send support ticket when Webroot slowing down computer

Visit the official website of your anti-virus program and send them a support ticket requesting them to blacklist all the unknown files on the program. Once this is done, you will notice that your Webroot slowing down computer issue has been resolved.

Webroot high CPU usage Issue

If you have Webroot SecureAnywhere installed and are experiencing CPU spikes, this could be due to any process running on the system (such as Windows updates or running too many programs at once). This might be the commencement of a scan or the execution of a scheduled backup for Webroot, as both of these require additional resources to run properly.

Major Issues Affecting High CPU Usage

  1. Using Old Version of Operating System Like Windows XP, Vista
  2. Usually, this happens when you turn on the system. Click refresh and wait for some time it will be normal
  3. Other Security Programs Installed can affect CPU Usage
  4. Multiple processes running in the background more related articles :

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques-1 Why is Webroot using so much CPU?

Ans:- If the user sees that Webroot SecureAnywhere is installed in your system and you noticed that this software is using so much CPU power, then this might be caused by another process running on your PC. It may be like your window is updating or running too many programs at once. Further, if you see that still now your software is constantly using high CPU usage then the user has to submit the support ticket.
In the ticket, you have to mention
1- What operating system you are currently using
2- Which time does it occur? When have seen it? When did it start?
3- Which processes are causing CPU spikes.
4- Any other security program is installed?
5- Does this happen when you switch on the system or when you are using it?
So these are the details you have to answer to solve the problem.

Ques-2 Is Webroot good for PC?

Ans:- Yes, Webroot is good for the PC. The Webroot was first launched in 1997 in Broomfield, Colorado and till now the company is situated. The antivirus software
Webroot is the best software to save the computer from the virus. Webroot’s antivirus software grantee us our protection at a very cheap price. This software protects our banking information, our identity, and our password. It is a highly rated antivirus program that is most demandable in the market.
And, the review from the customer is very good. That’s why today also customers recommend this product. It also protects Firewall and webcam. The price of this software is reasonable as compared to the other software. The package of this antivirus software is the similar plan from many other software programs. In webroot, there are various types of package products that protect from malware, virus, keyloggers, and spyware. This software makes your system work more smoothly.

Ques-3 Why does Webroot use so much disk space?

Ans:- Webroot uses so much space due to the file size. Webroot has a feature of journaling in which the software track all your files and folders to check whether an unknown file is there or not or some unknown app is installed which you don’t know. This is why it takes huge dusk space. Webroot checks our data structure, device, security which required a huge amount of disk to clean. This issue s faced by the many customers who are using the product. If any user is facing troubleshoot or your disk space is showing 100% then I recommend you best to submit the support ticket so that they would look into the matter. While submitting the support tick you should give details like your operating system details, then time and day it occurs, whether you have installed any other security program, which processor is creating a problem in CPU.

Ques-4 Is Webroot going out of business?

Ans:- Yes, Webroot is going out of business. Webroot had officially announced its end of the sale and the end of the life for the Webroot Business mobile protection and if the antivirus software is going out from the mobile then the team has decided that Webroot SecureAnywhere will no longer offer a Business User Protection and its services will no longer help the customer. With the down in mobile services, the company had closed all the plans in last year 15 April 2020. This is the end of the antivirus software and no longer will it come in the market. They have given notice publically and it is written that the company understands the difficulties that you might face. Webroot believes that securing your system and mobile from malware and virus is one of the most priorities of ours. In the future, we will offer you some interesting antivirus software

Ques-5 What is Webroot Wrsa EXE?


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