How to Activate McAfee Internet Security (MIS) with

How to Activate McAfee Internet Security (MIS) with

The computer by far has been the most revolutionary invention in modern history when it comes to its impact on people and lifestyle.

Internet is one of the reasons for this large-scale impact of computers. Internet-connected all the computers in the world becoming one single body for storing the data, sharing the data, searching for data, etc via .

Many businesses have got the boom due to the Internet like never before. While this interconnection has many positive sides, it also has negative sides too. Many hackers, all over the world, can get into your computer with one wrong click of yours.

Sometimes, you won’t even know that these have entered and have been spying on you. In such a case, security over the internet becomes an important concern. McAfee provides a paid software called Internet Security to protect from these threats.

Here is the complete process to Activate Mis with


Activation is one of the important processes while using the application. The process of activation indicates to the company that the software has a certain unique identity is being used. This creates your account around the software so that you can get the service and further can get the notification for future services. Thus, your activation code becomes the main link in this process of

What is a Retail Card/Activation Code? | where will I find it on

The activation code is the only important aspect that is needed to use the application. If you have the activation code, then it doesn’t matter where you are using it, it will provide the same service. However, this feature depends on the limitations of the computer that you got while buying the product.

The Code, just like any other code is a set of figures, that contain numbers and words. This code acts as your unique identity in front of the company. This will be available with the item that you purchased. It is available over a card. That’s why the card is called a retail card.

How to use this code to activate the antivirus products?

The code is called Activation Code as it helps in Activating your account with Activating is a process in which you inform the company to activate your valid account. To prove that you are a valid user, you must put in the proper code. Then the company will ask for some more details for the creation of your account in their database.

After this, they will ask you to agree to their terms and conditions. While it is said that, reading the terms and conditions is important, but there’s no option to Disagree with it. If you press the disagree button, the process will stop. Thus, the company makes sure that you agree on those. That’s how you will activate your MIS account with

  • Open the following website:
  • Type the ‘Activation code’ in this place to Activate Mcafee
  • Press ‘Next’
  • Type your Email Address
  • Press ‘Next’
  • The website will ask you to create an account so that you can carry out procedures in the future using that. So, add a password to do so.
  • Select ‘I Agree’
  • A pop-up will come over your screen. Press ‘Agree and Continue
  • Another pop-up with the title ‘Billing Information’ will load. Select the ‘Close’ icon.
  • Press ‘Continue’

These 10 Steps will activate your account. Completion of these steps provides you with the link to get the application on your device. The Information regarding the further activities to successfully use the application is given below.

How to download and install the application on your device?

This is the second important and final activity to complete for using the application. After the completion of this activity, the application will be working on your device. The activity begins with a link to download the application to your device. After that, just like the previous process, they will ask you to agree on some terms and conditions. But accepting those, you will be able to get the application on your device.

  • Press the option ‘Install on this PC’
  • Select ‘Agree and Download’
  • Go to the Download section of your browser
  • Press on ‘Open File’ and wait till it loads
  • Press ‘Install’ and wait till the process completes
  • Press ‘Done’
  • A pop-up will appear. Select ‘See Settings’
  • Press ‘Save’

What to do if I am facing an error while downloading the application via

If you have a previous version of McAfee and there are some remaining items of that program on your device. There will be a chance that you might face errors while installing the new application on your device. To solve these, you have to do the given activity.

Activity no.1: Check if you have removed all the previous applications from your device.

If you are installing the new application while the previous application is still there on your device, it will definitely show some error, and the installation process won’t go further. During this situation. First, close the installation process and then go to the control panel to check.  If you are facing any confusion while doing this, do follow the instructions given below.

  • Select the search bar which is within the left side of your taskbar
  • Type the following: Run
  • Select ‘Open’
  • besides‘ Open:’ type the following: appwiz.cpl
  • Press ‘OK’

The list of all the programs present on your computer will be available here. Read the names of the program. If you see any program related to ‘McAfee’, select them. On the top of this list, you will see an option with the name ‘Uninstall/Change’. Press the option. Now for the confirmation of the instruction you have given to your device and that program, it will ask you to do certain things. Do follow those instructions.

Activity 2: Remove all the items of the application that are on your computer.

Even if you do the previous activity, there will be some items which won’t go from your computer. You must do this extra activity to make sure that they get eliminated completely for your device. Follow these instructions to do so.

  • Open the following link:
  • Select ‘File Explorer’ Application from your Taskbar.
  • Select ‘Downloads’
  • Right-click on the downloaded application (MCPR.exe)
  • Select the following options to start the application:
  1. ‘Run as administrator
  2. ‘Yes’
  3. ‘Next’
  4. ‘Agree’
  5. ‘Next’
  • Type the applications provided on the screen.
  • Press ‘Next’ and wait for the process to complete.
  • Press ‘Restart’



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