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Improving Your Sleep With Technology: A Simple Guide

Is the NBA Going to Introduce Stricter Fitness Regulations?

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Improving Your Sleep With Technology: A Simple Guide

Improving Your Sleep With Technology: A Simple Guide

Sleep is one of the great mysteries of existence. We still don’t fully understand what it is and why we need it. Despite that, we know it is absolutely essential for our bodies to function and survive. Which is why issues like insomnia are so dangerous. Not getting enough sleep, or even not getting good sleep, can have devastating effects on your mental and physical health.

Humans have spent hundreds of years trying to figure out ways to improve our sleep. And, thanks to modern technology, it is now easier than ever before to get a better night’s sleep. In this guide we will be showing you how you can use technology to improve the quality of your sleep. And how it can be used to battle insomnia.

How Sleep Works

There is a lot of science behind sleep. And recent studies have shown that the amount of sleep you get each night isn’t all that matters. What matters is that you properly move through the five stages of sleep each night. The five stages of sleep are: wake, N1, N2, N3, and REM.

You will undoubtedly have heard the word REM before. It stands for Rapid Eye Movement. This is the stage of sleep where we dream. During this stage our brain consolidates information and memory. The Wake stage doesn’t actually mean you wake up. Rather it is when the cycle restarts and is where the body does most of its healing and aides in metabolic regulation.

A sleep cycle takes on average 3 hours. Which is why studies say that you should sleep in blocks of 3 hours. Dispelling the idea that you should get 8 hours of sleep a night. Ideally you want 6 or 9 hours a night.

Tracking Your Sleep

One of the reasons why you might not wake up feeling rested is because your sleep cycles were disturbed during the night. Tracking your sleep using a smartwatch can help you better understand where in your sleep cycle you are being disturbed. The data collected by a smartwatch can be used by a doctor to help you identify any underlying health issues that could be impacting your sleep.

Smartwatches are useful for tracking sleep, but the data they provide is only surface level. If you are suffering from serious sleep issues you should go for a Polysomnography. During this study they will attach various sensors to your body that can monitor your brainwaves, heart rate, and much more. From this they can more accurately find the issue with your sleeping habits.

Dry Herb Vapes

If you really struggle with falling asleep you should consider investing in a dry herb vape. This is a healthy way to consume medical cannabis. Many medical professionals have started prescribing cannabis to battle insomnia. Cannabis is extremely good at this as it affects both the mind and body. It can dull pain, reduce both mental and physical stress, reduce muscle tension, and helps release more dopamine and serotonin.

There have been a lot of studies into which strain of medical cannabis is more useful when combating insomnia. The most recent results suggest that indica is the best medical cannabis for battling insomnia. So when you speak to your doctor about getting a cannabis prescription, make sure to enquire about which strain they are giving you.

White Noise Machines

White noise machines are extremely popular sleep aids. The idea is simple. They produce a calming sound throughout the night, helping you sleep better. That noise can be customized to your preference. Some people have the sound of waves gently lapping against a shore. Others have rain gently falling against a window. You will soon find the sound that works for you.

The primary reason why white noise machines work is that they mask other natural sounds that may disturb your sleep. It also works on the principle of conditioning. As you use them more your body will associate the noise with sleep. This creates a feedback loop that actually tricks your brain into thinking it should be asleep while this noise is present.

Temperature Control

Temperature is a vital part of the sleeping process. You will undoubtedly know what it is like when it’s simply too hot or too cold to sleep. And, during the night, rapid changes in temperature can disturb your sleep cycle.

There are a number of useful gadgets you can use to help better regulate your temperature while you sleep. Water mattress toppers are one such tool. Connected to a temperature controlled pump, these toppers slide over your mattress and can provide a consistent cooling temperature all night. A humidifier is also a great tool if you suffer from sinus issues. They increase the moisture in the air which reduces dryness in the nose and throat, helping you get a better night’s sleep.

Is the NBA Going to Introduce Stricter Fitness Regulations?

Is the NBA Going to Introduce Stricter Fitness Regulations

The NBA has a stringent nutrition and fitness program that all its players must adhere to. They have had it in place for many years and are not something that any of their players take lightly.

The NBA has certain rules in place when it comes to the fitness and nutrition standards for all of its players. They also have rules regarding what you can or cannot put into your body after games, practices, or any other time during the season. This can be seen as quite a restrictive measure, but it has proven successful. Let’s examine whether the NBA will introduce stricter player fitness measures.

The NBA’s Current Fitness and Nutrition Program

As we grow, many have projected our dreams of becoming healthily fit, just like our NBA-inspiring players. We take part in fitness programs and follow every trend concerning the game. When my friend was trying to stay in shape, he was so desperate for ways he could improve his stamina and energy for workouts.

After some search, we found a very useful testosterone replacement called testosterone enanthate. Testosterone enanthate is also known as testosterone heptanoate; it improves endurance and overall performance. However, as you go pro, NBA laws regulate the use of these supplements in their workout.

The NBA players have a very strict workout program that they have to follow daily, and there are strict nutritional guidelines that all players are expected to adhere to. The nutritional guidelines are designed to ensure that the players maintain a healthy body weight that does not adversely affect their performance on the court.

This program has been in place for many years, with slight modifications implemented along the way. The program has helped many players to lead long, healthy, and successful careers in the NBA. The NBA has certain rules in place when it comes to the fitness and nutrition standards for all of its players.

They also have rules regarding what you can or cannot put into your body after games, practices, or any other time during the season. This can be seen as quite a restrictive measure, but it has proven successful.

Stricter Measures Could Be On the Way

As the years go on, the NBA will likely continue to look at ways to improve its fitness program. The league has invested much money into nutritionists and sports science experts. So, it would make sense that they would want to implement any new advancements that have been made recently.

One of the areas that the NBA could potentially be looking to improve is its pre-game meal rules. Many nutritionists and experts in sports nutrition have been recommending that athletes consume a pre-game meal for many years.

The pre-game meal is designed to be eaten about 2-3 hours before kickoff. It’s intended to provide a burst of energy towards the beginning of the game rather than a slow and long-lasting energy source.

How Will the Changes be Implemented?

If the NBA does decide to implement stricter measures, they will likely introduce them slowly. The last thing they would want is to make the fitness program so strict that it drives away its talented athletes.

The NBA would probably take a gradual approach by introducing stricter measures in the first couple of seasons. They would then be able to track the effectiveness of these measures and go from there.


All in all, it would make sense for the NBA to implement stricter measures regarding their fitness program. As the years go on, new advancements and discoveries are made to improve this area. While the NBA has succeeded with its fitness program, it is unlikely to ignore any new advancements that could help in this area. It would be interesting to see how the players would react if the NBA did implement stricter fitness regulations.

The 3 Best FPS Games Today

The 3 Best FPS Games Today

Number 1: Call Of Duty

Arguably one of the best first-person shooter franchises currently on the gaming market, Call Of Duty combines military strategy with high-quality, realistic graphics to create a gaming experience that is immersive and energetic. There are many different games within this franchise each covering a different era of warfare. One of the biggest reasons why this game has done so well in my o[pimion would have to be the fact that there is so much unlockable content within each game, with a campaign story mode that takes even the best players many hours to complete you will definitely be occupied for a long time if you were to invest in one of these games.

If campaign modes are not for you then you will be glad to know that most COD games also come equipped with multiple game modes for you to enjoy. You can play many of these modes online with your friends for that extra enjoyment and to see who has the best aim within your party. COD is a gaming classic so if you have not already had the chance to play one of the many editions within this franchise then I would highly recommend that you give it a try for reliable gaming entertainment.

Number 2: ARK Survival

Another FPS game that is a little more unique in its story and gameplay experience would have to be ARK survival, this game has endless opportunities for gameplay and entertainment meaning that it is a worthy investment if you are looking for something that will keep you occupied for a long time. The basics of the game are to survive and build up your home amongst the wilderness using only the resources that are available around you. With many different routes you can take to reach a high-ranking position within the game, there is no set way to play through the storyline making the experience you have personal to your own play style.

One of the biggest unique selling points to ARK survival is the immersive and high-quality graphics that are featured, with cool additions like hunting and rearing dinosaurs only adding to the game’s overall impact. If you are wanting to get started with this game but wish to get to the more advanced features sooner than normal then you may want to take advantage of the many hacks and cheats for ark survival that are available, allowing you to skip ahead and progress to the more interesting parts of the game in no time.

Number 3: Star Wars Battlefront

The final FPS on this list that is definitely worth mentioning would have to be Star Wars Battlefront, although this game had a rocky release when it first came out thanks to the many updates and redesigns that this game had gone through it is now something worth recommending to you. For a first-person shooter to have so many different options in terms of gameplay all within the popular futuristic Star Wars theme, this game has proven to be very popular now that the necessary alterations have been made.

Star Wars Battlefront is known for high-energy combat situations as well as their engaging and dramatic storyline within the campaign mode, if you are looking for a game that is going to provide you with plenty of entertainment then this may be the option for you. Another great feature of this game that may be of interest to you if you are a Star Wars fan is the implementation of some of your favorite characters from the franchise, with unlockable skins so that you can change your player and add a personal touch to your overall gameplay experience.