How to disable McAfee Antivirus Software in Easy Steps

How to disable mcafee antivirus

How To Disable McAfee Antivirus Software

The virus may be the most common word term which is repetitively mentioned in the discourse regarding cyber security. These are some of the early threats to the security of the device, and if not stopped, can harm many devices in the span of their existence.

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One of the key roles of adding an antivirus to a device is to eliminate these elements from the device and prevent them from returning or entering. It also provides many other benefits that enhance the protection of the device. McAfee Antivirus Software is a prominent brand in the market. It has made a positive name in the anti-virus industry for the service, it has been providing for years of its existence and domination in the market as well as in the customer’s mind.

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How to disable mcafee antivirus

How to disable McAfee antivirus?

Stopping the Software from scanning your device is an easy process. This will stop all the scanning it has been doing to keep the device safe. Thus, any work happening in the device after the disabling of the antivirus, won’t be detected by the antivirus. This process is very prevalent while installing an application that is repetitively disrupted, due to the antivirus.

Disabling Antivirus – Windows Operating System

Within the Taskbar, select the ‘Show Hidden Icons’ option. It will be in the form of an arrow symbol, pointing upwards. follow to process to know how to disable McAfee Antivirus

How to disable mcafee antivirus

  • Select the ‘McAfee’ Icon.
  • Select ‘Change Settings’
  • Select ‘Real-time Scanning’
  • Select ‘PC Security’
  • Select ‘Real-Time Scanning’
  • Select ‘Turn Off’
  • Read the given info. Choose a timing, from the drop-down option, to automatically enable the antivirus or within that select ‘Never.
  • Select ‘Turn Off’

Similarly, turn off the firewall by selecting the ‘Fire Wall’ instead of ‘Real-time Scanning’

Disabling Antivirus – Mac Operating System

  • Select the ‘Finder’ Icon
  • Select your device name
  • Select ‘Applications’
  • Select the McAfee Application
  • Select the ‘Settings’ Icon
  • Select ‘Real-Time Scanning’
  • On the Top, you’ll see the option enabled in blue color. Select it to disable it, and it will turn into gray.

Similarly, turn off the firewall by selecting the ‘Fire Wall’ instead of ‘Real-Time Scanning’

Disabling Antivirus – Android/IOS

The option of disabling the software is not available on mobile devices. Uninstalling the application may rather help in the process. Activating ‘Force stop’ for the application may also help.

How to disable mcafee antivirus

Completely Remove the Application

In case, you don’t want the temporarily, completely remove the application.

  • Do the basic uninstalling process (similar to uninstalling any other application)
  • Download and install additional removal software from the website
  • Run it to remove the application, completely


Uninstalling or disabling the application means that there won’t be something safeguarding your device. In such cases, don’t visit any suspicious website, add any suspicious network or download any such application on your device.

It has the capacity to harm your device in no time. Thus, activate the software as soon as possible or if uninstalled, install it or any new software as soon as possible. This will prevent the losses that might happen due to the absence of such software. If you are a Windows user, activate the Windows defender through the settings.

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