Mcafee uninstall stuck – Complete Guide – Solutions – Live Support

Mcafee uninstall stuck – Complete Guide – Solutions – Live Support

This is a very common issue that occurs while uninstalling McAfee. McAfee uninstalls stuck can occur due to several reasons. We have already covered several topics where we have already discussed several issues will uninstalling McAfee. Let’s check out.

What to do when McAfee uninstall stuck

Oftentimes, it happens that a user is trying to remove a program and it just refuses to get uninstalled. A lot of the time the subject of this issue is anti-malware software. In case you are wondering what to do if you are greeted with the McAfee uninstall stuck message, then you are at the right place to get a solution.

If you want to go out there and experiment with new anti-virus programs and see which one works the best for you then you would begin by removing the old one. However, some users can encounter a message saying McAfee uninstall stuck. These are quite a few DIY solutions for this problem, and we are going to tell you all about it in this article.

Mcafee has a few different security products that are usually subjected to this problem. If your laptop or computer came pre-installed with a Mcafee program like Data protection, Cloud security, endpoint protection, live safe, server security, network security, security management, etc. then there is a higher chance of it getting frozen.


If you are frustrated over getting the same McAfee uninstall stuck message, every time you try to remove it from your system, and then find out the possible reasons behind it below. Finding out the reasons are always helpful in the troubleshooting process:

  • The manufacturers of Mcafee are known for providing difficult uninstallations in their programs. It is done on purpose so that the user drops the thought of removing the application after a few unsuccessful tries.
  • Another reason for this difficulty lies in the fact that anti-virus programs access all kinds of internal files which leads them to spread it all over the system.
  • If your computer system has been corrupted by a third-party attack or malware.

Below we have Provided Two Solutions for Mcafee uninstall Stuck


There are a couple of different solutions for your McAfee uninstall stuck issue and we have listed them here for your better understanding:

Method 1

  • With this first way, you can follow the standard procedure and go to the control panel from the start menu.
  • Go to the option called programs and features. You will then see a list of all the removable programs which have been downloaded in your system.
  • Find the McAfee application and click on uninstall.
  • Also select on the option to remove all existing files in connection with
  • The user should also make sure that the web advisor app gets uninstalled either with the anti-virus or separately.
  • Then go ahead and check if the program has been removed or not.

Method 2

If the first method did not work, then users can opt to go for a third party removal app that can unfreeze the uninstallation:

  • There are many trustworthy removal programs that can be downloaded from any android or iOS app store.
  • Once the application has completed installation, you will be asked to read the license agreement and agree to it.
  • Choose the anti-virus program that is getting stuck and you would like to remove.
  • You might be asked for a verification code for the product; enter it.
  • And with the help of this tool, you should successfully be able to remove it.

Method 3

If everything else fails to work for your Mcafee uninstall stuck issue, then it could be that your system has been corrupted by malware that required fixing:

  • If the uninstallation has been getting stuck after reaching more than 50 % then close all the services that might be running in the background, reboot your system once and run a complete scan for any viruses.

McAfee uninstall stuck halfway

If you have been trying to uninstall the anti-virus and it gets stuck and hangs in the middle for quite a long time, then

To fix your frozen uninstallation, the user can try these steps we have provided below:

  • If the process has reached more than 50% and it then comes spiraling back to square one, go to the services option and disable all the currently running services.
  • After a quick reboot, open the control panel and go to the remove program option.
  • If the program hangs again then use the installation CD and try again with that.


Here are a few major reasons due to which you generally have McAfee uninstall stuck. It might be useful to first pinpoint the exact reason behind your issue and then troubleshoot:

  • It is very well known that manufacturers sometimes make removing their applications hard so that the user has difficulty in removing it and might give up on it altogether.
  • It is difficult software to remove anyway which, when coupled with the fact that the operating system gives it a lot of access to internal files – makes it impossible.
  • It can also be because of some corrupted files in the system which are denying and hindering the uninstalling procedure.


Here is a list of ways that you can implement in removing the anti-malware program from any and all kinds of operating systems.

Third-party help

  • If the McAfee uninstall stuck doesn’t get fixed with the standard procedure then go ahead and download the force removal tool from the app store.
  • Click on the downloaded program and click next.
  • You will also have to read the license agreement thoroughly and agree to it.
  • Enter the verifying code and wait for a few minutes for the program to work its magic and remove whatever programs are leftover on the PC.
  • This method should work for more stubborn programs that simply refuse to be removed.
third party help Mcafee uninstall Stuck

McAfee uninstall stuck windows 10

If the user is specifically facing this issue on a windows 10 system, then a different troubleshooting method can be applied to it:

  • Go to the control panel and click on it.
  • On the home page, you should find an option called features and programs choose that and you will be redirected to the option that allows users to remove programs they want.
  • Find McAfee from the list of installed applications.
  • A right-click on it and choose to uninstall.
  • For a thorough and complete removal, you should also choose all the programs and files that come with it and proceed to continue.
  • If you see that the web advisor app did not get uninstalled, then feel free to remove it separately from the control panel.
Uninstall Mcafee

Why is McAfee so hard to uninstall?

Anti-virus programs can be very difficult to completely get rid of and remove from your system. The reason why is McAfee so hard to uninstall lies partly in the way it is created by the manufactures and partly because it has deep roots over all the files in your system.

In this article, we are going to tell you all about how you can uninstall it completely.

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The company was established in the year 1987 by John McAfee. It was however taken over by Intel under their security division.  Its current headquarters lies in Santa Clara, California, United States.

Reasons why is McAfee so hard to uninstall?

Here are a few reasons which might help you understand better why is McAfee so hard to uninstall:

  • Developers deliberately create programs that are hard to uninstall, so that users leave them be in the systems for a long time.
  • In most cases to completely remove these, you users need to employ special removal tools.
  • Anti-virus program uninstallation has more steps for removal such as verification, identification etc. which might make it seem like a difficult process than it actually is.
  • It requires a greater amount of accuracy, precision, and knowledge, something that can be learned.

Some easy steps to uninstall McAfee

Now that you know why is McAfee so hard to uninstall, we are also going to tell you the methods for troubleshooting this issue. You can simply follow the steps mentioned below:

Standard Procedure for Windows

  • Before you begin using things like removal tools, here is what a standard process for program uninstallation looks like.
  • Visit the control panel from the start menu on the panel below.
  • On the window that opens, go to features and programs.
  • There will be a list of programs that have been installed on your PC, locate McAfee and click on it.
  • You can confirm to uninstall the program and all the files along with it.
  • Hit confirm and save the changes made by restarting the computer.
uninstalling mcafee

Standard Procedure for Mac

  • Begin by closing any search engines or browser that might be open and running.
  • Open the app folder from the dock.
  • There you will find all the installed applications.
  • Choose the McAfee program and hit uninstall.
  • You might be asked to enter the admin password, depending on the settings.
  • Hit finish and reboot the system once.
uninstalling mcafee on mac

One of the most convenient solutions for your why is McAfee so hard to uninstall problem is to use a removal tool:

  • Download the tool from the website and double click on the exe code.
  • After the double click, the system might prompt a security warning – you can choose yes or run.
  • The user will then be redirected to the uninstallation/removal screen.
  • Click next and fulfil all the security verifications.
  • Hit enter and the program will vanish from the system.



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